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World Architecture Day

Architecture is one of those things we are always surrounded by, but we rarely pay attention to. What do you show to your friends and family who visit your city for the first time? - Probably some architectural masterpieces. Architecture is everywhere. Therefore, it is crucial to point out how important architecture is.

1. World Architecture Day

World Architecture Day is celebrated around the world on the first Monday every October. This day was established to “remind the world of the collective responsibility for the future of habitat”. We should always have in mind that the future of our planet is the responsibility of each one of us.

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s themes are putting the focus on reducing climate change. It is also important to take an active part in creating a clean and healthy environment. Architecture plays an important role in making sustainable development possible.

The qualities that recognize a work of engineering from other fabricated designs are (1) the reasonableness of the work to use by people overall and the versatility of it to specific human exercises, (2) the soundness and lastingness of the work's development, and (3) the correspondence of involvement and thoughts through its structure. This large number of conditions should be met in engineering. The second is consistent, while the first and third fluctuate in relative significance as per the social capacity of structures. If the capacity is primarily utilitarian, as in a processing plant, correspondence is of less significance. On the off chance that the capacity is predominantly expressive, as in a great burial chamber, utility is a minor concern. In certain structures, for example, temples and city corridors, utility and correspondence might be of equivalent significance.

2. Benefit Of Sustainable Architecture

Living a sustainable life is more important than ever. Sustainability doesn’t only mean replacing natural gas with green energy sources or walking instead of going by car. All aspects of our lives need to be involved.

Sustainable architecture strives to minimize negative environmental impacts of buildings. It also controls the influence of human activities on the environment. This eco-friendly approach starts with choosing environmentally friendly materials. It also includes choosing the right heating and cooling systems and taking care of the waste and ventilation systems.

Passive design

The passive design includes taking care of the sun's orientation and number and the position of windows. This aspect is of great importance. It regulates energy consumption and natural ventilation.

Active design

Architects cooperate with the mechanicals and engineers. They want to make sure that heating and cooling systems, as well as the electricity system, are energy-efficient. Reducing carbon footprint is significant nowadays.

Sustainable energy use

Nowadays, architects use different concepts and strategies to keep their work sustainable. Sustainable energy use is one of them. Architects consult with engineers to implement solar or wind energy into new buildings. These systems reduce electricity and natural gas consumption and have a positive impact on the environment.

Sustainable materials

Modern architects need to choose their materials wisely, due to climate changes and unfavorable economic situations.

They need to make strategies and plans on how to find and use good quality materials that are cheap and eco-friendly.  Some of these materials are natural clay, bamboo, wood, and others.

3. Best Improvements And Gadgets To Improve Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is important for many reasons. Yet, the two most important ones are saving money on energy bills and sustainability.

There are many benefits of increasing sustainable and energy-efficient buildings. This will help to benefit the environment as well as the consumers’ pocketbooks by lowering their PECO energy costs due to increased building efficiency.

Solar battery charger

Regular chargers can be energy vampires, because, plugged in, they continue to use energy even though the charging process is over. The solar battery charger can be a great solution for many reasons. They can charge different devices such as smartphones, tablets, or e-readers. Solar chargers use solar energy for their batteries. So, they can reduce energy consumption.

Smart LED light bulbs and smart thermostats

Smart LED light bulbs are one of the best gadgets for all new homes all over Pennsylvania. They use less energy. This brings lower PECO bills and saves the planet at the same time.

Programmable thermostats are also great solutions for many reasons. They are practical – once you set the temperature, it will automatically alter it. Another great thing is that you can lower the temperature when there is nobody at home and save a lot of energy and money.

Energy-efficient appliances

Kitchen appliances need to be energy efficient as they use about 30% of the home energy consumption. So, choosing the right dishwasher, fridge or freezer can be significant. Energy-efficient appliances reduce electricity consumption in your Philadelphia home. This makes them both eco and budget-friendly.

Final thoughts

Architecture plays an important role in sustainable development. New buildings, designed with the importance of “going green” in mind can save energy and reduce costs. This is the only way to make our planet a better place and leave something good for future generations.

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