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The problem of hair loss is universal and both genders experience this. It becomes a serious problem in our society because people place a great emphasis on human physical appearance.

Many people use physical appearance to judge people wrongly. However, the issue of hair loss most times is a reflex; but controllable. Therefore, the significance of cosmetics and supplements should not be underestimated in treating hair loss. Some cases of hair loss can be managed not only medically but with reassurance and education.

Hair loss set in from different angles. It is usually treatable and mostly self-limited. Nevertheless, it may be permanent if not treated as at when due.  Gently treatment of any type of hair loss aids effective treatment. 

 According to propidren reviews there is a unique formula that I can recommend for careful diagnosis of hair loss and this is called Propidren. It is a dietary supplement formulated in targeting and preventing Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) production in humans. This supplement contains a collection of many natural ingredients that put an end to DHT’s secretion and therefore putting an end to the problem of ‘hair loss’.

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Propidren is manufactured by HairGenics and is primarily manufactured to block DHT secretion. It is a supplement that is unique from other hair loss treatments in the market because it contains extra ingredients that will give more enhancements to the hair. Not only that, the product also helps in achieving thicker and fuller hair growth. Good news! It comes in three options which include: Propidren conditioner, Shampoo, and tablets. These options give customers a wide variety of options. If you like hair conditioner here it goes, if it were to be a shampoo, it also goes and there is also a Tablets for the takers.


It comes from herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals. All this put together resulted in a Propidren formula. However, all other ingredients that may be expected of any hair loss treatment are well formulated in this product.  This ingredient includes:

  • Beta-Sitosterol – This is also a herbal extract with a record of stopping DHT

  • Horsetail: this helps in halting thinning and shedding of human hair.

  • Saw Palmetto: this is a very effective DHT stopper for mobile.

  • Fo-Ti: This is an ancient Chinese herb which the only work for improving hair growth at all time

  • Green tea Extract: This is a very popular tea and it an important element in hair growth if it is been used effectively.

  • Zinc: This is a potent mineral element that rapidly prompts hair follicles in order to boost hair regrowth.

  • Biotin: this is a popular vitamin and is a useful ingredient in achieving an effective hair loss supplement and it also instigates hair regrowth and makes hair healthier always.

  • Iron: Lastly, Propidren contains an iron which is an important hair growth element.


Always remember that hair loss is one of the most distressing disorders experienced by both adults and children because good hair adds to human beauty. Is treatment so costly? No, rather good supplements are scares! I strongly recommend the Propidren supplement.

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