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X Ways Organisations Can Take Care Of Employees’ Health


It’s true that only with the hard work and determination of your employees, will your business make big strides. Employees are your greatest assets, and as an employer, it’s your responsibility to provide for them physically, financially, emotionally or in any other meaningful way. Buying an insurance policy for your employees that provides health benefits is a great first step. As an organisation, if you want a healthy and risk-free working environment, you need to put efforts into helping ensure employee wellness, which can increase productivity, encourage better teamwork, reduce workplace accidents and sick leaves. The following actions can help you take for the betterment of your workers-

Encourage fitness-related activities

Increasing fitness-related activities is a great way to encourage the well-being of your employees. It will also fit in your organisation’s budget. Here are some actions you can do to promote a healthy working environment in your organisation-

  • Organise sports events regularly and create a sports team of employees and fund them appropriately.
  • Provide your employees with gym membership as incentives or gifts.

Avoid long chair time

A study conducted by ASSOCHAM on World Health day reveals that 72% of corporate employees are prone to cardiovascular diseases and obesity. Here are some appropriate measures that you as an organisation can add to avoid such fatal risk-

  • Have a separate room where your employees can eat lunch, away from their computers.
  • Ask your employees to take regular breaks, this will not only take their mind off work, but they will come back fresh and can focus on work more.
  • You must have heard the phrase - “Sitting is the new smoking”. Instead of having long meetings in conference rooms, encourage walking meetings. It will not only fast forward your meetings, but your employees will also get into little exercise.
  • These days fitness trackers are in high demand, so you can provide your employees with one of these trackers and unlock the spirit of fun and friendly competition. Also, you can set “number of steps” goals say for a week, and reward the employees who achieve it.
  • Install stationary bicycles, this is not very common in organisations, but it is handy, as employees can complete physical exercise targets even while at work.
  • Encourage standup meetings.

Develop a tobacco-free working environment

Smoking is taking the life of a large number of people around the globe. Smoking is prevalent among employees because of the stress caused due to a heavy workload. Reducing smoking at the workplace can result in great success for the betterment of the employee’s health. Some healthy measures that you can take to make a tobacco-free workplace are as follows-

  • Initiate programs that mainly focus on your employee’s addiction towards smoking and help them in quitting smoking or consumption of tobacco.
  • Develop a smoke-free office policy.
  • Arrange regular counsellor meetings for your employees where they can talk with their therapist about their problems if any and get the proper guidance.
  • Arrange nicotine replacement patches in your office if people need these.

Promote healthier eating

What you eat has a significant effect on your health. The healthier you eat, more youthful you are. Eating healthy can prevent the risk of future fatal diseases like diabetes. So, try to promote healthy eating among your employees with the help of the following activities-

  • Arrange a refrigerator, so that your employees can bring freshly cooked food from home.
  • Arrange healthy snacks (fruit bowls, salads, sprouts) and freshly squeezed juices in your canteens instead of fast food and branded soft drinks.
  • Buy healthy lunches for your employees to have, during team meetings.

Buy Health-care policy for your employees

Purchasing a health insurance policy for your employees can be beneficial for both employees and you, the employer. Even after following above measures, if something happens to your worker like severe bodily injuries or in some cases, death, what will you do?

This is especially true for the employees working in an environment which might be prone to health-related issues, like bodily injuries, and in some severe cases, even death. So do make sure you secure your workers with a policy that covers your statutory liability in such critical circumstances. One such plan is Workmen Compensation Policy that offers insurance to your employees in case of serious casualty.

Your Workers Compensation policy will provide legal liability coverage for compensation to your employees in case of bodily injuries or death caused due to accidents in the course of employment.

Buying Workmen's Compensation insurance is a crucial step by which an employer can work towards providing a secure place of work to their employees while adhering to the obligations levied by the worker's compensation statutes.

Compare Workmen Compensation policy of various companies with the help of a reputable insurance broker such as SecureNow, and choose the one that suits you the best.

Follow these smalls steps to make a significant impact on your employee’s health. These will not only help you take care of your employee’s health but will also provide a healthy and fun-loving working environment.

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