XXXTentacion Biography & His Merchandise


XXXTentacion was the professional name of Ricardo Onfroy.  He was a famous rapper. He was born in Florida, the city of United States. He had gone away from his fans when he was a teenager. He had not fully enjoyed his overwhelming increasing fan base. His dead body was found when he was just entered his 20 years of his age. 

Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy had a fastest growing fan base around the world. Unfortunately he was murdered brutally. There were gunshot wounds on his body. Although there were many charges on him. Even before his death, he was to confront a court hearing for false imprisonment, tempering with the witness of the serious cases and some other violent issues. 


Ricardo Onfroy was famous on all the social media platforms, whether it was you tube or Facebook. It gained his popularity from sound cloud. Taking into account his you tube career, he just work in there for 3 years and he got 27.4 million subscribers. If we look at his views on you tube, we got huge number of views which is about 6.4 billion and more ahead. Like this when we look at his Facebook followers he got 2,590,826 followers over this platform. The platform where he started to make his name was sound cloud and he had 4.18 million followers over there.



He was in relationship with two persons. He had a child. His son name was Gekyume Onfroy. He was famous with his professional name. But he got more nicknames which includes triple X, Young dagger dick and Jah. 


XXXTentacion’ Merchandise:


He started his business online which is his merchandise, which almost every big celebrity started when they made their name prominent in the world. His merchandise store was officially inaugurated by his own name. That increased his net worth a lot more.  XXXTentacion Merch store is known all around the world and selling the trending fashion. Unfortunately he is not among us to see this success of his by his own naked eyes. XXXTentacion Hoodie or sweatshirts, shirts of all kind, caps, phone cases and all the other things was selling rapidly. 


Popular songs:


Almost all the songs associated with his name was a success. His famous songs include SAD, THE REMEDY FOR A BROKEN HEART, KING OF THE DEAD, LOOK AT ME and many more.

His last song was ‘CHANGES!’. This song was a last for the XXXtentaction’ fans. His fans always remember him. His song ‘SAD!’ on you tube was the most viewed song on his soul channel. It was the most liked. Its viewers are around 951 million and on increasing. He was the famous boy of America at his time and among the boys of his age.



According to Forbes, he was the top earning dead celebrities in 2019. He was at the 11th number in that list. His worth was somewhat around 10 million dollars. This worth is counted before his death. 


Death Scene:

He was shot by the money stealers. He was going to a beach in Florida for having some kind of a deal for which a bag of money had. The bag was filled with 50 thousand dollars. Which was the reason of stealing. During his resistance he was shot and the stealers flown away. Later on, they were arrested.  There were four suspects. A vicious life and violent end. 


When his audio emerge in the world made a terrific confessions. Which includes that the late rapper had assaulted his ex-girlfriend, who was the mother of his son. Another terrible confess was made which further added that he stabbed nine people.