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You Need Millennials. Here’s How to Attract, Hire and Keep Them Happy

Millennials are very important for any successful business nowadays. They are innovative, creative, and motivated. Your company is bound to bloom once you start employing people who are young and hard-working. They are dedicated and responsible. If you didn’t already employ them, now is the time you did it.

Use social media

The term Millenials cannot be used without being associated with social media. It's no surprise because social media is the thing they can't be separated from. Millennials are the generation that you will definitely find online. If you want to attract this is exactly where you should look for them. The simplest and yet most effective way to get Millenials interested is to reach them on social media.

Since younger generations prefer search engines, post ads online. Use social networks or various websites to catch their attention. Use all the benefits on the Internet, especially the ones regarding communication with Millenials. You can expand this, even more, this use of social media once you employ Millenials. Allowing the use of social networks during working hours can be useful for your business. Tweets and YouTube videos of your products can help your business grow.

Foster collaborative environment

One of the most important things in the workplace for Millenials is a good atmosphere. Ther don’t come to work just to earn the salary. They want to be successful and to develop. If you focus on creating a collaborative environment, rather than a competitive one, Millenials will appreciate it.

Organize team-building activities to create the best possible atmosphere and inspire your workers to put 100% of their strength and effort into the business. You can organize gatherings after working hours such as trivia nights or wine tastings. You can do whatever you want as long as it includes the whole team and an opportunity to bond.

Casual dress code

Comfort is one of the most important things in Millenial culture. They want to work in the best possible conditions and you can’t blame them for that. What you can do, on the other hand, is provide them with the best conditions you can offer. This may sound like exaggerating, but it’s far from that. The ideas they have are not at all insane.

They want food, drink, and a casual dress code. Millennials can’t be bothered with looking for a perfect office outfit. If they don’t care about fashion, you shouldn’t make them. All this makes a lot of sense when you consider the fact that they come to work to do their job and not show off their wardrobe.

Allow breaks

This next tip goes for all types of workers, not just Millennials. Your employees will mostly get tired in their workplace. If you want them to be effective in their job, allow more breaks. Millennials will appreciate you more when you show them that their well-being is important to you. Any kind of break would be great.

Social media is probably going to be a big part of those breaks, but you shouldn't mind that. You shouldn't mind it, especially if your workers get back to their work more relaxed and concentrated. Make sure that you have some well-equipped break rooms in which they’ll have the opportunity to rest for some reasonable amount of time.

Surprise them with snacks                                                                     

Another way to improve the atmosphere in the office is constantly providing your employees with snacks. Millennials will be attracted to your enterprise once they find out you’ll provide them with snacks and drinks. If your employees are never hungry, they will adore the workplace. Occasionally bring some sweets, donuts, for example.

Make sure they have fruits and coffee to keep them concentrated. You can have a nice kitchen where your employees can go and recharge their batteries. Get some high-quality coffee machines for hire and place them in the kitchen. With the right amount of coffee, your workers will bee more productive and they’ll do their work much efficiently.

Grant autonomy

Explicitly stating that your employees are granted autonomy is bound to attract Millennials. Any kind of job offer will be a more appealing one you state this. Millennials want to feel free in the office and if you provide them with autonomy, they will appreciate it and stick around for some time.

They want autonomy when they select their goals. They want opportunities to be able to adjust their deadlines. Of course, you aren't supposed to let them to everything on their own, without consulting you. You are supposed to show them the bigger picture and the goal of the work. After that, leave working on the details to them. If they can adjust their schedules, your business will benefit.

Offer flexible hours

Traditional working hours are no more popular. What is important nowadays is that your employees have more flexible working hours. This may seem bad because it lacks discipline in away. Actually, it can be very beneficial. Just by getting up early for work doesn't guarantee that the work is going to be properly done.

Millennials want to be able to manage their time successfully. If you fail to allow them to organize their own time, you will maybe lose more than in the opposite situation. The consequences aren't huge, but they do matter in the long run. If you choose to offer flexible hours, you will show your workers that you respect their time and all the work they do. 

Offer creative perks

Creative perks are another thing Millennials care about when it comes to jobs. Your future employees are trying to manage their personal and professional life in the best possible way. You shouldn’t disregard the fact that they’re all just humans with families, friends, and hobbies.

Offering flexible hours is the first creative perk you should offer them. Next, you can offer unlimited paid off time as a way to attract Millenials. Free gym membership or a possibility of on-site day-care are also great ideas that Millennials will appreciate. Make sure that Millennials see that your intention isn’t just making money, but that developing healthy relationships with workers and having satisfied employees are your concerns as well.

Offer telecommuting

Millennials are probably the first generation to ask for the type of conditions they need in the workplace. Among other things, they want conformity. Working from home is very beneficial, not only for the workers but for the company as well.

For instance, the actual commuting will require some costs that are completely avoided with telecommuting. You wouldn’t have to cover the costs of fuel. When it comes to equipping the office too, you can save some money. You can save space that would be used for another desk.

Appreciate them

Your worker's feelings are the number one priority when it comes to attracting millennials. If they see that you appreciate them, they will appreciate you even more. You’ll ask for their opinions to demonstrate to them that they are valued and respected.

Include them in the decision-making process too, to further show them how much you appreciate them. They are aware of their qualities and you should be too. They won’t let you ever disrespect them. They will be very important for you due to their experience, intuition, and innovative ideas. Don’t lose their unique input just because you don’t know how to treat them.

Make room for growth

Don’t just respect them as people, respect them as professionals too. Remember that their motivation isn’t just money, they want to do something important with life. Their biggest motivation is learning. You should provide all they need for that learning to happen.

If you have the chance to take part in their professional growth, as well as personal, you should take it and do everything you can to help. Create opportunities such as -the-job training, mentoring, or continued education. This is the most effective way to expand their skillset. They will also be more enthusiastic if you offer them job rotation or mention promotions and raises.

Keep them busy

Making job purposeful is one of the things that are bound to attract Millennials. Meaning is very important for Millennials. All they want to do in life is to find purpose and meaning. Making their job significant in some way is a great way to attract and later keeping them. They like to relax and spend time doing nothing, but they also like to do their work when it's meaningful.

Millennials are famous for being hardworking. They are also innovative and creative. They will always look for ways to improve themselves, their work, and their surroundings. Put some challenges in ft=ront of them and allow them to reach their full potential. They will be able to solve many problems when they aren't bored. Don't give them just problems they can easily solve. They like solving impossible problems and finding ways to be better. 

Coach them

The kind of boss you are will be very important for Millennials. They don’t want strict bosses difficult for cooperation. Giving orders isn’t your only job. You should focus on developing a trusting relationship with Millennials once you hire them.

Millennials will respect you more if they see that you care about their feelings and their development as well. Make sure to help them learn and make progress. Strive to be their mentor, instead of being their boss.

Provide feedback always

Millennials want to get better. If they’re doing something wrong, you should tell them that. They won’t have the opportunity to grow if you don’t help them realize how to do it.

On the other hand, if they’re doing everything perfectly, make sure to compliment them on the good work they’re doing. This way, you’ll motivate them to keep up the good work or try harder if necessary.

Create a guiding mission statement

Millennials want to do something big in their lives. They want to make changes and leave something behind. If they have the opportunity to change the world for better in the slightest, they’ll try their best to actually do it.

By doing everything you can to give them a chance to do something huge, you’ll keep Millennials by your side. If the job consists of some meaningful mission, Millennials will be there to help you accomplish everything you want.

Maintain transparency                                      

If your business only revolves around the money, you should change your motivation a bit. When millennials notice that you’re worth working for, keeping them won’t be a problem. Making your business unique and transparent is probably going to cause millennials to respect you more. 

Authentic ideas and strong brand identities are things they find valuable. It's easy for them to make the connection between these and purpose and success. You should strive to be as transparent as possible since communication and transparency are so important to millennials. Make sure that millennials can see how your brand is authentic and relevant and you’ll have no problem is your cooperation with them.

Have a positive message

When it comes to positive messages, the first one would be taking care of the environment. Millennials are usually eco-friendly and they aren’t afraid to show how much they care about their surroundings. They go vegan or they spend their free time volunteering. If they can help save the planet they will do it. You should, too, practice sustainability if you want more millennials employed in your company. For start, start recycling and composting and look for greener ways to commute.

You should also practice workplace diversity since it is very important for millennials. They care about different races, genders, and sexualities. They know how important different experiences can be for people and businesses to grow. If you show Millenials that you care about uniqueness and that you value it, you’ll certainly earn their respect and have plenty of opportunities to employ them.


Millennials will help your business in many ways. They are a true treasure and employing them is beneficial on many different levels. Follow some of these tips and see for yourself how valuable millennials are.

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