You need to have the right platform to trade


The source of income for various people differs. Some love to go for a job while some prefer to have a business. The share market is a platform where one can easily earn any profit as per his skills of trading and investment as well as the capacity to bear the risk. It is a market where there is risk also and hence not a platform for those who just want safety. For those who love to have a business and ready to take the risk, it is a platform that can allow huge scope for regular earnings. One needs to have information and knowledge with the help of which he can start trading in this market and earn well over a period.

There are mainly two types of traders in the market. One is those who trade in a few shares daily and happy with a small profit. Another is those who love to go for bulk trades and want to earn much in this market. For the first type of traders any platform can do, but for the second type of traders, there must be a robust trading platform in India which can fulfil their requirements. It is necessary to know the trading platforms and types of trades here.

Trade types:

There are two types of trades one can go for. One can go for an online trading option or an offline one. In the present era, one can consider the online option as the robust trading platform in India.  In this option, one can log on the site or the app of the broker or broking firm and go for trading online. He does not depend on any bolt operator as he can see the screen and prices of the shares. The method to place the order or cancel or set limit is the same as the system only. In this option, one needs to have a computer or a smartphone with good internet connectivity. If one wants to keep on trading while he is moving, it is better to log on application else; it is always good to carry out the trade from a laptop or desktop computer. This is called online trading where the trader himself has to trade, and he is not provided with any support of broker or bolt operator.

There is also an offline option where the trader needs to call the broker or bolt operator and instruct him to carry out a particular trade or hold the position. It is primarily for clients who are not into bulk trading and not much comfortable with trading online. Here one needs to call the operator and give the account number with instructions of buying or selling shares of a company. If he has limit available, the operator can place the order and update him about the status of the same. The operator can also let him know if the position is hold or the order is passed as per the limits set by him after a time. Hence such client has to rely upon the services offered by the broker in terms of trading also.