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You Should Join These Best Mental Health Podcast in 2020

Educating oneself about mental health is an important way to work towards ending the stigma. Subscribing to some of the best mental health podcasts on the topic is a great way to start! Digital broadcasts are a mind-blowing asset, as you can listen to whatever point you please.

You can start and stop anytime and pick up where you had left off. You can rewind and listen again if you missed something or just need another listen to process the information at a deeper level.

There’s a huge variety of mental health podcasts where people share their personal stories. Others have guest experts sharing the biological and physiological aspects of mental illnesses. Many share suggestions on living with mental illness or supporting a friend or loved one.

So, whether you’re looking to learn more about mental illnesses, trying to gain insight after your own new diagnosis, or supporting a friend or loved one, you should check out some of the many podcasts on Podbean! We’ve listed a few below just to get you started.

Here in this amazing article, I am mentioning the best health podcast for your mental well-being.

1. Calm Sage

Calm Sage

Alright, so Calm Sage is my personal favorite best mental health podcast to listen in 2020. You will get a lot of interesting and thought-provoking podcasts that include coping with loneliness and overthinking, how you can recover from the loss of your loved ones, so on..!! Not only these you will also get remarkable blogs that will surely turn your bad day into a new one.

You can listen and read amazing content from here

2. Hardcore Self Help Podcast

Hardcore Self Help Podcast

Hardcore Self Help Podcast a wildly popular show dedicated to answering common and not-so-common questions on anxiety and depression. Episodes home in content and include everything from interviews with other professionals to practical self-care advice. This show is one among our favorites for easy-to-digest expert advice—you won’t hear any psychobabble or elitist jargon here.

Check out this amazing health podcast for your mental well-being from here

3. Happier Podcast

With millions of downloads, Gretchen Rubin showcases her understanding of human behavior and how she has helped people to achieve their goals through The Happier Podcast. In each episode, she and her co-host sister discuss tips and tricks on how to become happy in life when challenges arise.

However, Gretchen Rubin is also the bestselling author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before. You can listen to her thought-provoking podcast from here

4. Psychreg Podcast

Psychreg Podcast

This digital broadcast is co-marked with the research blog naming as “The Mental Breakdown”. They spread the scope of subjects in brain science, psychological well-being, and prosperity. Both of the hosts are practicing psychologists so their conversations are empirically-backed but are delivered in a digestible way.

You can listen to the amazing mental health podcast on Anxiety relief and management or cognition skills. Check out Psychreg Podcast from here

5. Hidden Brain

Hidden Brain

Here comes the Hidden Brain, the amazing podcast that helps people to understand the world and even their own self. The host Shankar Vedantam shares the unconscious patterns of human behavior and other aspects.

However, its recent podcast reveals a prisoner who was arrested in charge of a cab driver in Boston. The Hidden Brain investigates this case to understand the flawed ideas from the eye of psychology to determine how a person should spend his life behind the prison.

You can listen to this best podcast from here

6. Terrible, Thanks For Asking!

As the name says, Terrible Thanks For Asking. Have you ever felt a burden on your shoulders and amidst caught in a situation when you are unable to utter a single word?

However, we may or may not need a person who can ask how we are feeling or things that disturb our inner peace. Therefore, this mental health podcast is hosted by Nora McInerny who indulges people to reveal their complicated and real feelings about anything.

You can listen to the amazing podcast from here

7. Invisibilia

Invisiblilia is another best mental health podcast which is produced and hosted by Alix Spiegel and Hanna Rosin. This health podcast revolves around narrative storytelling with science that will make you see your own life differently. There are various podcasts that will change your perception of your life. 

Some of the amazing podcasts that you may like are An Unlikely Superpower, Two Heartbeats A Minute and so on..!!

You can know more about this best mental health podcast from here

What’s Your Take?

Here is the list of the best mental health podcasts that you can listen to this year. If you know any other best health podcast that I missed here, let me know in the comment section below. For more amazing content subscribe to our newsletter.

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