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7 Things that You Should Know Before Buying an Apartment

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Living in an apartment is by far the most common way people stay. It is an affordable and convenient option unless you wish to stay in a luxury penthouse. However, buying an apartment is very different than buying a house. There are a few important things which you have to consider. Let us look at the factors that are important for buying an apartment. 

  • Know the by-Laws: During house hunting, there are various factors that you check about the property. Things like the locality and furnishings seem to be important. However, you also have to know about the by-laws which apply to you. These could be state-based or even by the building’s corporate body. For instance, if you have a pet then you should check whether they allow for you to keep one. Before you sign any deal, It is best to do your research and find out about potential red flags. 
  • Get an Inspection Report: Are you planning to buy an apartment in Brisbane? Then you should perhaps get a strata report made of the place. This will help you find out about the wiring of the building and its structure. You will know whether or not the place is in good order. 
  • Check the Maintenance Fees: once you start staying in the apartment, you will have to pay monthly or annual fees for maintenance. This would be for the facilities and also building maintenance. More often than not you might not figure in these aspects and then end up exceeding your budget. So you should ensure that you enquire about the maintenance fees right in the beginning. 
  • Know more about the Body Corporate:  If you are planning to stay in the apartment for a long time then you should do your prior research about how the people are. Do they respond to you in a friendly way? Then this might be an indicator to a harmonious community. It's important to see if you fit into the culture of the building. 
  • Check if the Maintenance is done Properly: You don’t want to enter the building only to find out that things are broken and unfixed. It is only after you start living that you will get this insight. But you can always ask the people who are staying in the place whether the maintenance is done properly or not. They will certainly give you a good idea of what to expect. If you don’t think that it is up to the mark then you can consider hunting for another apartment. 
  • Judge the Place Based on Perks: While choosing the best apartment out of all the options you have you should consider the aspects like the thickness of the walls for soundproofing, size of the balconies and whether or not there is one, car parking, security facilities and the like. Also, find out if there is any additional storage area and if you will get a swimming pool or gym to use. These perks can be a deal-breaker for some of you. So make sure you check these things. It is important to be mindful of these aspects while looking for real estate in Annerley
  • Know if you can Bring in Some Changes: It is not always necessary that you will like the place completely. You might be settling in because there are certain aspects that you find attractive. For instance, if it is an old apartment then it will have better soundproofing and more spacious rooms. So in case, you wish to bring out some changes you should ask the body corporate if you can make them. You should have the needed clarity way before you do the paperwork. Ask as many questions as you would like before you go ahead with the decision. 

Thus, you should check the above-mentioned factors before you decide to go to a new apartment. It is important to check everything beforehand than to regret later. Once you have signed the agreement it will be difficult to redo the entire process all over again. 

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