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Your Building’s Landscape: First Impressions That Last

Some office buildings, whether a single story or a skyscraper, catch your attention and seem to beckon you inside. They’re clean, well maintained and welcoming. Customers are eager to spend time there conducting business in a pleasant atmosphere. Contrast that with an entrance lined with dying shrubbery, weed covered grass or worse yet, not a single living thing in sight. Which business would you rather patronize? Your office building should look professional on the outside, so it reflects the care and professionalism you will offer your clients when they come inside. Having a beautifully landscaped property is one way to set yourself apart from the competition and make a good impression on your clients.

 Enhanced Architecture

 A professional landscape can complement your building’s architectural style and complete the overall look of the property. A functional outdoor design can provide a natural flow of foot traffic and easily direct clients to the front entrance with minimum signage to detract from the view..

 Green Spaces

 One of the biggest trends in commercial landscaping today is the use of green spaces. Whether they contain grass, trees or shrubs, green spaces can add natural beauty and a fresh environment to an otherwise concrete laden and colorless commercial area. Even if your office building doesn’t have an expansive campus with bike paths, fountains and Koi ponds, you can still benefit from outdoor landscaping. Potted plants, flower boxes and hanging baskets can add a welcoming touch to your entrance if space is limited.

 Gathering Places

 By adding benches or other outdoor furniture to your property, you can create natural gathering places where clients or employees can enjoy the surroundings. When the weather is nice, employees can have lunch at an outdoor picnic table or gazebo. These outside spaces are an extension of your office space that can benefit both employees and clients.

 Relaxing Environments

 Today we know how important fresh air and exercise are to our well being. Walking trails or sidewalks that meander through your property create the opportunity for employees to take a timeout, breathe some fresh air and stretch their legs. It’s a good way to boost employee morale, reduce stress and improve their overall health.

 Licensed Professionals

 Harsh winter weather can be tough on your plants and lawn. After conducting a damage assessment, a landscape professional will prune dead branches, recommend and plant fresh flowers to add a splash of color and aerate and fertilize your grassy areas so you will be ready for the spring growing season. To find a local contractor simply search “lawn care near me” in your preferred browser. Another way to keep your office building looking fresh and professional is to have it regularly cleaned. There are a variety of methods to choose from, depending on the size of the structure and what it is made of. The most common is pressure washing. It’s fast, easy and safe for most building materials. Again, however, it pays to consult a professional to make sure you don’t damage the building’s exterior.

 Investing in your office building’s appearance will add curb appeal, which will maintain or increase your property value. It will also draw people to your business, which is particularly important for retail and hospitality companies that depend to some extent on walk-in customers. You can also give your office building a face lift by having your windows professionally cleaned, freshening up painted surfaces and updating your outdoor lighting. If your garbage cans are in the front of your building, camouflage them with a fence or hire an artist to paint a mural on them. Be creative. Install a bike rack to show your clients that you’re environmentally conscious. Help your office building send the right message to potential customers. People will want to visit often and stay longer when you have a beautiful and inviting outdoor space and a well-maintained building. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it a good one.

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