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Your Checklist Before Doing a Bathroom Renovation

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Fancy a luxury bathroom design or GSI bathrooms? Renovating your bathroom can sound exciting; but when you actually start it, it can be an overwhelming, costly and time-consuming task if you don’t plan it well. So, we have collated a checklist, which can help your renovation project to be on track.

 1. Budget
The first step is to decide on the amount you would like to spend on the luxury bathroom design renovation. Fixing a budget would help in making decisions in terms of what all you can do or not do while re-modelling.

2. Time
You should also define the duration or in how much time you should complete the renovation work. Then start working according to the deadline and take steps to save time like purchasing fixtures, tiles, vanity or cabinets, etc.

3. Work sequence
It is also important to decide a process map or sequence of work to be followed as it prevents a lot of mistakes and also saves time. For example, redoing your bathroom ceiling first, then going to the walls and lastly to the floor always makes sense to avoid any damage to the new fixtures.

4. Unseen Issues

There may be times when some big, unexpected problem comes up during the project. Depending on when your bathroom was built, the most common hidden challenge could be water damage; therefore, look for any structural deficiencies in the floor framing, or wrongly-vented or old corroded plumbing, etc.

5. Styling along with functionality
While renovating your bathroom, you need to consider various factors such as tiles, vanities, paint color, shower, tub, faucets, etc. So it is advisable to do good research and then add every element you liked so far. But do keep in mind that the design should complement functionality too.

 6. Measurements
Ensure to have perfectly accurate measurements before you go to purchase anything for your new bathroom, otherwise you would end up buying fixtures that don’t fit.

7. Contractor
Hiring a contractor is a smart step as the task involves complex things like electrical fittings, tiling, plumbing, etc.

8. Plumbing fixtures
Keep your list ready for plumbing fixtures like shower, tub, bidet, toilet, sink, faucets, etc. Suiting your budget, you could also change your mirrors, door handles, and the hardware to give a complete new look.

 9. Cabinets and Shelves
Planning for cabinets, storage and shelves could get tricky – as you have to ensure that they are functional and yet stylish. So make sure that the storage accommodates all your stuff, fits into your available space, and is also trendy.

 10. Walls and flooring
Bathroom floor needs to be waterproof and anti-skid. Depending on your budget, you could pick ceramic tiles, stones or other durable floorings and wall surfaces.

11. Lighting
Planning for adequate lighting is a must; but ensure that natural light is enough. However for artificial light, include at least 4 watts of radiant lighting per square foot.

 12. Accessories
Small items such as soap dishes, towel racks, mirrors, bath mats also matter a lot and add to the final look of your bathroom. So do your research and find the best picks.

13. Ventilation
Selecting the right fan and putting it at the right place is important for good ventilation. Poor ventilation can result in dampness, decay in wood and fixtures, and can be harmful for your health too.

14. Go Green
Add an environmental touch by using a low-flow toilet which utilises less water, selecting low-VOC or no-VOC at all paints, opting for vanities made out of sustainably-harvested wood, using recycled tile countertops, etc.

 15. Final cleaning process
Plan for a final and thorough cleaning inside out after the renovation is completed.

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