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Your Choice Of Label Could Land You In Trouble With The Government.

Why choose printed fabric labels instead of a woven label? Which is better? Which gives the most value for money spent? An understanding of these two types of clothing labels will help you make informed decisions when it comes to making labels for your clothes.

Woven labels are made on a loom using thin threads. A printed label is different in the sense that the design is printed ontop of the material rather than being woven into the material.

Each of these labels has its own peculiar advantages and disadvantages. The knowledge of these will help your decision making when it comes to labels.

Advantages of printed labels.

  • Printed labels have a faster production rate. These quick turnaround are favourable for last-minute orders.
  • They are less expensive to produce.
  • Originality preservation: no matter how many colour gradients your design has, printed labels can be printed with as many colors as your design requires. This is ideal for highly detailed designs.
  • Without losing its legibility, printed labels can easily include size, use and care, text and symbols.

Disadvantages of Printed labels.

  • The disadvantage is that they offer a more ‘simple’ look and can fade after multiple wash and wear cycles.
  • Printed labels don't look or feel as high-quality as other types of labels.
  • Since they are usually on the inside garment, they may cause skin discomfort by scraping the wearer.

Advantages of Woven labels.

  • The labels won’t fade regardless of use or wash. There is a requirement by the government in some countries that a label must have the same useful life as the clothes.
  • Woven labels have a high end and professional appearance. They exude a feeling of high quality by touch and look.
  • Woven labels enable you to preserve your prototype originality as much as possible and also allows you to add a layer of unique finish that is rare in other labels.
  • Woven labels do not cause irritation or discomfort to the wearer by scraping their skin.

Disadvantages of  woven labels.

  • It takes a longer time for the production of woven labels, hence they are not recommended for urgent orders.
  • They are usually more expensive than other types of labels.
  • Colour limitation is another disadvantage, from my observations and findings, there is a maximum of 12 colors in any single woven label—this includes any shading in a design as well as black and white. If your design has many colour gradients, the colours will be scaled to a cap of 12 colours.
  • Woven labels are great for large text designs but for use and care, and other textual information woven labels are not recommended, it will be cost inefficient.
  • Woven label does not suit all styles, for instance it is rare in silk garments.

Now that you have an understanding of the advantages, let’s compare these labels on certain metrics that are important to your clothing business.

Price: Printed labels tend to be a cheaper option of the two. Because printed labels are not woven they require less expensive materials and less effort is required to produce them.

Cost efficiency. With printed labels you can have a brand label and size label on one piece. This helps to reduce cost and ensures quicker turnaround. This does not seem possible with woven labels.

Durability: the tendency that printed labels will fade away due to wash and wear is very high but this is not the case with woven labels which are generally more lasting and highly resistant to wearing off.

Professional qualityMany high-end fashion brands prefer to use woven labels as opposed to printed ones because it exudes a luxurious impression and makes your garments appear to be more expensive.

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