Your Definitive Guide to Hiring a Freelance Video Editor


Video editing is an important but underappreciated gear in the larger wheel of video production.

While we all know what freelance video editors specialize in, finding the appropriate resource may be difficult due to the technical skills, knowledge, and experience required.

The most challenging aspect of the hiring process will be sorting through applications in a crowded market of freelance video editors. But with a little know-how and dedication, you may find the right resource.

Read this guide on how to hire a freelance video editor and find the right talent that meets your project’s demands and your expectations.

How to Hire a Freelance Video Editor?

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How do you know who the best person for the job is? Here’s how:

  1. Be Obvious About Your Goals

Before you move ahead, you must have a sensible answer to this question, “What do I want to accomplish by hiring the finest freelance video editor?”

To answer this question, you must first understand what your editor’s role would be while working on your project.

Hiring a second pair of hands to assist you with your editing process is not the same as hiring someone to create a masterpiece from a large amount of your raw footage.

So, it’s better to know what you want your editor to do.

Also, you should have a clear idea of your intended audience. Who do you wish to reach out to with your video content?

Before you hire a freelance video editor, make sure you know who your customers are and what they want to see. This will save you time and money.

  1. Look Through the Editor’s Portfolio

This is probably the best way to know whether a freelance video editor is a suitable match for you. Take a peek at the work they've done in the past. Look at their previous work to see what kind of videos they've made.

Have they produced videos in a similar style to what you're looking for? Have they ever worked with clients in a comparable field?

A skilled video editor would display their best work so that potential clients may judge their editing skills.

Examine different video clips when browsing portfolios to decide which is ideal for your brand voice. You'll discover the editor’s own style as well as their key areas of expertise.

  1. Pay Attention to Client Feedback

The client reviews of a freelance video editor are also a good way to see whether they're suitable for your video editing project. You'll be able to discover how previous customers felt about dealing with them at a glance.

Pay close attention to recent client feedback and how they've done on their previous projects.

Read the content of the reviews rather than simply checking the star rating. Have they received good words from their clients for doing work on time and according to their specifications? Are they able to communicate effectively? Do they swiftly respond to queries and revisions?

Keep these considerations in mind to find a video editor that’ll bring great value to your project.

  1. Negotiate The Pricing

When it comes to pricing, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. The competence of your editor, the complexity of the job, and market competitive rates will all decide fair pricing.

If your video editing project is on a budget, negotiating a reasonable rate with the editor becomes essential.

Don't go with the cheapest offer but make sure the freelance video editor you select is within your budget. Also, ensure that they are aware of the scope of the project and that this is reflected in their offer.

Before disclosing your budget to a potential freelance video editor, do some research on market prices for the kind of editing work you need to do.

After all, you wouldn't want to pay a disgraceful sum that is way too little for a qualified resource.

The Hiring Process: Questions You Should Ask


Finally, you’ve drawn up to the hiring stage, and your project's expectations have been set out. You've sifted through a couple of impressive video portfolios and narrowed your selection down to a few standout prospects.

Here are some example questions you might ask to learn more about the prospective freelance video editor to help you make a good choice.

       How long would a project like this take you?

       Within your pricing, how many rounds of revisions may I request?

       Do you work on a flexible schedule?

       In what formats will I receive the files?

       What do you need in terms of data, content, and assistance from me?

       Are you comfortable communicating via our recommended channels? (Slack, Zoom etc.)

No doubt, there is no limit to the questions you may ask, but the above example questions are an excellent way to start when it comes to ironing out communication issues.

The Takeaway

Finding the right freelance video editor can be a real challenge but you perfectly realize the uniqueness they can bring to the table.

Now that you've read our guide, all you have to do is go out and discover the finest resource for your project.

Once you've found the perfect individual for the job, you can be certain that all of your video editing needs are in good hands.

Good Luck Hiring!