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Your Fire Alarm Report and testing

A fire alarm test and report is a very important part of fire safety for all landlords. The fire regulations can be considered confusing for some landlords, as they can vary from property to property. Either way as a landlord, you do have obligations that you are required to meet in regards to the fire alarm testing and fire safety.

In the united kingdom ( UK ), There are more than 50,000 residential fires every year. The worst figure that comes from this, is that, disturbingly a private sector renter is seven times more likely to become victim to a domestic fire. With a good fire risk assessment for the home, you can reduce this risk accordingly and don’t let your tenant or property suffer this problem.

Below we have provided an overview for your responsibilities as a landlord in regards to you fire safety duties, I would also advise that you seek professional advice from a fire risk assessor in regards to what is regarded in each individual property you may own. Also be aware that change in legislation changes all the time so an update may have happened at the time of reading this.

Landlord Fire Alarm Regulations

The installation of fire alarms are one of the many important parts of a landlords fire safety responsibilities, Fire alarms are the first part of defence to any fire and is an important safeguard to have in any property. The responsibilities set out for landlords are in the smoke and carbon monoxide alarm regulations 2015. The smoke and carbon monoxide regulations come into force on the 1st October 2015.

The regulations state that a fire / Smoke alarm must be installed on every level of a property that is used for accommodation of any sort. A carbon monoxide tester must also be installed in rooms which have a solid fuel base system being used.The regulations do not at present stipulate which type of alarm to use, it should be noted though that the correct type of alarm should be installed for purpose and use for the area it is within. Landlords must take advice if they are unsure as failure to comply can lead to large fines of upto £5000.

Fire Alarms testing and Reporting

It is also a requirement for the landlord to ensure regular fire alarm testing is carried out. When getting the fire alarm testing done it is important to ensure that the landlord gets a fire alarm report. It is the landlords duty to test the fire alalrm at the beginning of any tenancy, this said the government do expect the tenant to also  play there part and ensure regular monthly tests and check if they are working. This would also include to change any batteries and so forth. It is receommended that the a fire alarm log book is kept on site and filled in whenever the alarm sounds or if there is a test on the alarm. This can help provide prrof of maintenance when required.

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