Your Guide for Taking the Food Handlers Certification Course Online


The only constant in this world is - Change. Professionals need to continuously refresh or learn new skills to avoid getting stuck in a routine. While picking up specific skills requires months of constant practice, you can pick up some skills easily by attending appropriate classes. When you put the learnings of the course into a daily routine, you convert the knowledge into skills. Putting this concept in action, most restaurants send their employees to specialized institutes for training on the different aspects of food handling implemented on the food’s journey from the farm to the table. Completing the training grants the employees updated knowledge on food preparation, handling, and storage that they can implement to improve their skills and grants them a certification acknowledging their skills.

Sometimes life may deal you cards that prevent you from physically partaking in the food handler’s class, such as an injury, temporary disability, natural calamities, or even a global pandemic (curse you COVID-19). Thankfully, with the advancements in technology and innovative thinking by different food education center, it is possible to undergo a food handlers certification course online. If you have registered for an online course or are planning to enroll, the following tips and information can become a guide for making the training a piece of cake (pun intended).

Why do you need a Food Handler Course?

Food, when made correctly, is a delight for all the senses. It is all about setting a balance between the flavors using food chemistry. However, certain foods or their ingredients are delicate and can ruin the equation when mishandled. This is applicable at all the stages of the food, from production, procurement, preparation, and serving.

Hence, people expect that someone handling their food should be qualified and implement all the safe food practices. So, state regulations, especially Utah, made food handlers certificates mandatory for anyone working in the food business. However, to avoid any malpractices, the officials added that only an institute recognized by the state health department could award a food handlers certificate. Moreover, the certificate is only awarded to an individual scoring 75% or more in the exam after attending the training. This means that only the ones well versed with the food handlers course information are only allowed to be holding the permit.

Benefits of Taking Utah Food Certification Course Online

The cost is less

When physically undertaking the training in an institute, the cost is only $15, but the charges of having a registered proctor administering the exam are around $100. On the other hand, the charges for attending an online course only costs you $29 all-inclusive.

Flexible schedule

When attending a physical class, you need to follow a specific schedule that may require some compromises from your end. On the other hand, you can attend the online course at your convenience. In addition, you can attempt the exam thrice within one week of the training commencement.

Easier to Focus

Since you are taking the training on your own, you have fewer distraction sources to derail your attention. Just plug in your headphones, and watch the training with undivided attention. Also, since the entire interaction happens online, there are very few chances of going off-topic.

Location restraints - No More

All you need is a multimedia-enabled device such as a computer or mobile device and a decent internet speed to attend the online food handling classes. You may be located anywhere in Utah, and after successfully passing the qualification exam, you can print a temporary permit, and your profile is submitted to the local health department. A permanent license is mailed to your address within 30 days via U.S mail.

Easier access to resources

Not everyone has the same rate of retention. When attending an online class, you have the freedom to rewind the video multiple times to understand any missed concepts. Additionally, any other study materials are also accessible anytime for you to refer to.

How to move forward?

Now that you are determined to take the food handlers certification course online, here are some general steps to follow:

Check local laws: Utah makes it mandatory for anyone working in a restaurant to be the holder of valid food handlers permit. They should obtain their permit within 30 days of employment and complete their food handler training within 14 days of employment. Always make it a point to check the local laws before applying for a job in the food industry.

Research on the course providers: Utah state regulations decrees that an employee should undergo food handling training from a recognized certification agency. Section 103-7(5) of Rule R392-103 in Utah state food and safety regulation requires course providers to apply for program revalidation to the state department of health every three years. Therefore, always check the course provider for correct accreditations and state permits. Easy Food Handlers is Utah-based food handlers permit course provider that is Utah Department of Health approved.

Treat it as the ‘real’ deal: Just because you have the flexibility to complete the course at your pace doesn’t mean you can take the process lightly. Remember you are paying for the course and deadlines attached with the training to motivate you to complete the course. Hold yourself accountable and make time for the course. Just because you have fewer distractions in attending the online course doesn’t mean there is none. Make sure that you are watching the 75 minutes instructional video in a completely distraction-free environment.

Use the three trials as a safety net: You have three tries to clear the food handlers exam with 75%, but these act as a safety net but shouldn’t be considered a privilege. Ideally, the instructional video is simple to understand, that you can clear the exam the first time if you devote 75 minutes to watch the video and understand the concepts. Cherish the moment when you successfully clear the exam.

Wrapping Up

With new kinds of pathogens being discovered frequently, it is crucial to have valid food handlers permit before handling food professionally. The above tips should direct you in the right direction when attending online food handlers certification courses. For expedite assistance with the Utah food handlers permit, contact Easy Food Handlers. In addition, we provide online food handler training courses and live ServSafe classes in English & Spanish at least once a month.