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Your Guide to Buying Mag Wheels Online

According to a 2022 research report, the global Magnesium Wheel market will be worth USD 21950 million by the end of 2026. Experts attribute this to the rising demand for mag wheels.

Aluminium alloy wheels are undoubtedly pleasing to the eye. They can give your car the sporty look that you desire. Besides that, the quality and performance of the mag wheels are outstanding.

However, purchasing car wheels is never easy, especially, if you are not sure of what’s the best fit for your vehicle. Part of this is because there is a wide range of mag wheels available online.

In this guide, you will learn more about mag wheels and how to identify the best rims for sale online.

What Are Mag Wheels?

The standard wheels on a new car are plain steel black lumps. Moreover, they are heavy, ugly, and expensive.

Mag wheels are meticulously designed alloy wheels. These wheels are much lighter than your average traditional steel wheel. In terms of performance, they are a lot easier for your car to turn.

As a result, these wheels enhance your car’s acceleration and improve braking. In a nutshell, you not only get better-looking wheels but also higher performance.

Why Are They Called Mag Wheels?

Manufacturers of these wheels initially used magnesium to make them. Hence, the term ‘mag wheel’. They soon found out that magnesium was brittle and prone to damage.

For this reason, they decided to incorporate other aluminium alloys into the making of mag wheels. Even so, they kept the term ‘mag wheels’.

How to Choose Mag Wheels

Engineering-wise, three things will affect your mag wheel selection process. They are the fitment, offset, and centre bore.


Checking the fitment of your car wheels before placing an order for your mag wheels is essential.

When you decide to buy mag wheels online, it is easy to make mistakes. For instance, you may order wheels with more or fewer numbers of studs for your vehicle’s fitment. These will not be compatible with your car.

The problem is that you will incur an extra cost to send them back to the seller. On top of that, you will have wasted your time.

The Offset

The offset of the wheel is the distance between the face of the hub to the centreline of the wheel. There is a positive, negative, and zero-wheel offset.

Your car’s wheel width determines what mag wheel you will fit.

The wheel width should be smaller than the width of your tyre. Otherwise, it will not fit properly.

Your wheel’s offset will determine how much it will stick out past your fender. Or how much of your wheel will not stick out past your fender. Most importantly, too much positive or negative offset may damage your car.

Centre Bore

Also, you want to pay attention to the centre bore of your car’s wheel. If a mag wheel fits one car, it will not necessarily fit another car. Making this mistake will be costly and frustrating.

Other Factors that Affect Mag Wheel Selection

Besides engineering dynamics, there are other significant factors you should consider as you buy mag wheels. These include:

The Appeal of Your Car

Apart from performance, you may purchase mag wheels to enhance the looks of your car. In such circumstances, you will want an alloy wheel that suits your vehicle’s colour.

Matching your mag wheel with your car’s colour will give it a sleek look. For example, if you have a black vehicle with a black alloy wheel, it may not look stylish. However, a chrome or silver mag wheel on a black car will give it a stunning look.

On the other hand, if your car has a light colour, black mag wheels will give a fantastic look.

Type of Your Car

When choosing mag wheels for your car, you also have to factor in the type of car. For instance, if you drive a Toyota 86, you should go for Toyota 86 wheels of alloy. This approach will ensure that your specifications are spot on.

Furthermore, there is a variety of vehicle-specific mag wheels. Good examples are the Ford rims and Commodore rims. You can check if there are such wheels for your car.

Forged vs Cast Mag Wheels

There are two options of mag wheels that you can buy online. These are cast alloy wheels and forged alloy wheels.

Forged alloy wheels are high-performance mag wheels. These are more suitable for sports cars. However, you could still fit them on your vehicle. The only issue is you will pay more for them.

Cast alloy wheels are much heavier but more affordable. They will still perform well if you get the right size. Also, they will look as stylish as forged mag wheels.

Stick to Your Original Wheel Diameter

While there is room to play around with the size of mag wheels, experts recommend sticking to your original wheel diameter.

Bigger mag wheels may cause problems for your car. For example, they can interfere with its suspension components or affect how it steers. What’s more, is that you don’t want to compromise your car’s ride comfort.

Buy Mag Wheels from Reputable Retailers

As you embark on buying alloy wheels online, look for reputable retailers. Remember, there are many types of sellers online. While some are genuine, others will sell you imitations instead of the original quality.

If you want to know more about a particular mag wheel retailer, read reviews. Many negative customer comments on the seller should raise a red flag. Buy mag wheels from online dealers with significant positive reviews.

Buy Mag Wheels Online

If you want something better than the standard steel wheels, you can find a variety of mag wheels online. With these tips, getting the specifications of your desired wheels right should not be a problem.

We are a reputable tyre dealer and repair shop in Australia. With over 25 years of experience in the wheels industry, you can expect the best quality alloy wheels and great deals from us. Furthermore, you don’t have to come to our shops, you can find us online and order your mag wheels.

Call us today on 1300-699-699 or visit our website and select from our wide range of mag wheels.

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