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Your Guide To DuoClear Cartridge And Mineral Sanitizers For Spas And Pools

While health officials have always stressed the importance of clean drinking water to prevent waterborne diseases and other health fatalities, the water you use on your body should also be free from any contamination. Your skin is the largest organ, and taking care of your outer self is just as important as taking care of your inner health.


Suppose you are someone who owns a pool or enjoys a good dip in your home pool every day. In that case, it is time you consider switching to mineral pool sanitizers, if you haven't before, to free the water from harmful algae and bacteria that can creep their way inside your body and cause skin allergies. Here is your guide to mineral pool and spa sanitizers before purchasing one.

What is a mineral sanitizer?

A mineral sanitizer is a superior approach to tackle harmful bacteria and ensure proper sanitation of your pool and spa water. They come in various sizes and designs, but they all contain a mineral mix that works to destroy living pollutants like algae and bacteria in the water.

How do they work?

Well, known sanitizers like Nature-2 sanitizers are mineral mixes specifically for the pool, Jacuzzi or your spa to flush out toxins and bacteria and to leave clear, contamination-free water.

Silver and copper ions, or a mixture of the two, are used in most mineral sanitizers. Silver and copper ions, when combined, have potent antibacterial and anti-micro bacterial effects and properties. As a result, they're a natural option for pool water sanitation.

It's not a revolutionary phenomenon or a new scientific discovery, though. For thousands of years, silver and copper have been used as natural sanitizers. Mineral sanitizers have been found dating back to the ancient civilizations of the Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians.

Disinfectants like chlorine and bromine have been used to cleanse and purify pool waters for their strong abilities. Mineral sanitizers like silver and copper are effective but aren't very reactive on their own accord. While minerals cannot cleanse as effectively as self-contained sanitizers, they can act as an excellent catalyst to boost the effectiveness of other disinfectants.

However, it is essential that you keep in mind that compounds like chlorine and bromine aren't suitable for your body and skin. Mineral systems are long-acting sanitizers that can significantly reduce the amount of conventional sanitizer used in the water. Mineral sanitizers can reduce the use of chlorine and bromine by 50-75 per cent.



Mineral sanitizers come with benefits which is why adding them to your spas and pools will be a better, faster, reasonable and more effective alternative than a pool mineral filter.

       As stated earlier, mineral sanitizers significantly reduce the amount of chlorine and bromine from your water which is essential for purification. If you prefer using a salt chlorinator and have been doing so for quite some time, switching to mineral systems will help reduce the damage and repercussions on your salt cell.

       Apart from the obvious monetary benefits of lowered needs for purifying substances like salts, there are a few other advantages of applying mineral sanitizers to your water. Lower chlorine and bromine concentrations in water result in fewer repercussions such as irritation and damage to the eyes and skin and fewer fading swimsuits.

       Mineral sanitizers are also known to soften the water by the process of conditioning. They can also assist in maintaining the pH balance in the water for prolonged periods.


Despite these advantages, the key reason pool and spa owners choose mineral sanitizers is that they are convenient to use. All you need to do is choose the appropriate size based on your water volume and mount it. Some mineral systems even come with a chlorine or bromine cartridge that has been pre-measured to match the levels of the sanitizer.

When the minerals or chemical cartridges are depleted, substitute them. You don’t need a professional to come and do the work as it requires no science or chemical measurements.

Mineral cartridges for pools and spas usually last 4-6 months. Chemical cartridges typically last 1-4 weeks if they come with it. The life-span of a cartridge and its service longevity is determined by the brand, size, use, and frequency of service in a pool or spa.

This simple method of using mineral pool sanitizers for pool cleaning, sanitation and maintenance saves a lot of time and money on pool cleaning.

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