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Your Guide to Public Address Systems

If you ask a professional event planner, he’ll tell you that a good PA system is as important as the menu of an event. So, to make your special event a success, it is highly advisable to PA system hire. A Public Address system is an electronic arrangement which aims at projecting sound to a large group of people. These systems are used to amplify the sound of the performer’s voice or a musical instrument. They usually include microphones, loudspeakers, and amplifiers.

So, what makes a good Public Address system? Well, there are numerous variables that determine their best use. These systems are to be hired mainly on the basis of the size of the audience as well as the venue. A good system must include microphones so as to capture the sound before it is amplified by the speaker.

In case you don’t want to delve into the complexities, an all-in-one portable speaker can be of good use. Portable speakers are comparatively small and you can carry them in the back of your car. On the other hand, you would notice that they are relatively poor in performance as compared to other expensive options.

For larger venues, a more refined rig is often used. It consists of a microphone which is connected to a preamp so as to amplify the line level. Further, this is connected to a mixer and finally into a speaker.


Now, let’s dive into what makes these systems so important? The following points highlight their importance:


It is a well-known fact that when someone’s giving an announcement on a public address system, it drives more attention towards the announcer. These systems also help to cancel out the noise, chatter or music.


When a public address system is used, people feel that they must pay attention to the speaker because others are listening as well. So, it creates a sort of peer pressure and a person in the audience doesn’t want to miss out a thing.


People who have a soft and shy voice know exactly how important these systems can be. Although, while making an announcement, having a strong voice is a plus point but public address systems do the majority of the work.


A sound system hire would be a better option than texting a large group. This is because text blasting tends to annoy the guests and attendees. Also it can only be assumed that their phones are switched on during the event. Public Address systems are way better as neither do they violate someone’s privacy nor do we have to consider these consumption.

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The maintenance of a public address system is comparatively easier. With technology updates, it has become much easier to install these systems as well as to maintain them. These days, It does not take much to train a person on how to use them.

Small Venue Systems

Relatively simpler set-ups are used in small clubs, bars, and coffeehouses. These set-ups also contain front of house speaker cabinets which are aimed at the audience as well as monitor speaker cabinets aimed back at the performers. In many cases, the speakers are elevated so that the sound does not get absorbed by the first few rows.

Large venue Systems

A stronger and more powerful system is used in popular music concerts so as to provide live sound reproduction. The two main types of systems used are the “main system” and the “monitor system”. The ‘main’ system provides amplified sound to the audience and the ‘monitor’ system is helpful in reproducing the sound of the performance and directing them towards the onstage performers.

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