Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Your Health Can Also Make the Environment Healthy

There are several ways that a healthy lifestyle also makes the environment healthier. By making some small changes, both you and the planet can thrive. Goals for yourself and the environment can be similar. Your healthy dietary goals can impact the environment in positive ways.


The Vegetarian Lifestyle

Vegetarianism benefits the planet in several ways. First, it helps cut down on methane, a gas produced by livestock, especially those who are fed an incorrect diet. Methane is one of the substances contributing to global warming. 

If fewer people eat meat, there will be less livestock raised and that means less methane.

Vegetarians, especially those who are exercising more and eating less, should consider a supplement like the Thrive Patch to make sure they stay healthy.

As well as benefiting the planet, eating less or no meat is healthier for people. Going vegetarian lowers cholesterol and the chance of developing heart disease. A meatless diet may also be helpful in losing weight.


The Vegan Lifestyle

Often people choose a vegan way of life more for compassionate reasons than healthful ones. Many vegans think that it's wrong to use animals for anything. They think that animals should be allowed to live life without any interference from humans. This means that not only should cows definitely not be killed for food, but no product that even comes from cattle should be eaten. 

Those who follow a vegan lifestyle will not eat any dairy products, which includes a huge array of commonly consumed products. Milk, yogurt, cheese, whipped cream and even butter cannot be eaten by vegans.

This benefits the environment in much the same way that vegetarianism does. Using land to grow healthy vegetable and grain crops instead of using it in order to raise cattle, reduces methane production. Instead of growing corn in a massive way to feed the cattle (when they are better off eating grass) also takes possible food production away from people.

A vegan lifestyle is commendable because it aims to alleviate animal suffering. It can also be a great way to lose weight. However, it is often difficult for vegans to obtain the proper nutrients to stay healthy, especially protein.


The Organic Lifestyle

Going organic is perhaps the most beneficial lifestyle change for both humans and the environment. In previous centuries gardening was organic by default since the chemicals regularly used today had yet to be invented. 

Currently there are many different types of chemicals used in commercial farming. Some are fertilizers, others are insecticides or fungicides. The problem with these substances is that many of them are toxic. They do the job and produce better-looking produce that is not infested with bugs. However, when humans eat this produce, they are also ingesting whatever chemicals were used.

Not only that, but farming chemicals can also leach into nearby streams affecting fish and water fowl. Although insecticides (for example) are not strong enough to kill humans, they can be stored in the liver and over time can cause chronic degenerative illnesses like Parkinson's disease.

Going organic is probably of the most benefit to the environment. Even those who continue to eat meat but choose to go to a local farm and buy organic meat, milk and eggs are doing the planet a huge favor by rewarding farms that don't use harmful chemicals. 

Many people would be surprised by how many local farms are organic. A trip to a local farm can not only be a fun family outing, but it can also be a great way to provide your family with fresh organic dairy products and produce.

Those who do not live anywhere near an organic farm can still potentially buy organic produce at a farmers market. People can also purchase shares in farm deliveries to local communities.  


Things are definitely improving for both the environment and the health of humans. It just takes a little education and then of course everyone would choose the best for themselves and for our planet.

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