Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Your Little Black Book To Using HR Software Efficiently

If we trace the life an HR back to a decade or so, it was full of paperwork. The only way to evade from managing papers, files, folders and assembling the data related to every employee was to take help from HR systems. And that also had a bunch of problems attached to it. The control was restricted to just a few people in the HR or admin team. The system was hosted on-premise, but gladly the HR plight has changed for the better over the years. Now, the HR world has a lot of HR software vendors to help them with their recurring and non-recurring tasks. Payroll, which is a big pain in the neck of an HR is the basic foundation of most of the HR software available in the market right now! 

Many organisations are using HRMS software already but only half of them are using it efficiently. And that is what makes the world of difference. While there might be companies using this software and saving time and money, there are also companies who are using the best software and are still not able to reap the benefits as much. 

Have you got the wrong modules? Have you set the controls wrongly? Or you just don’t know how to use it properly? 

No matter what is that you are doing wrong, consider this your little black book to rectifying the mistakes that you are doing knowingly or unknowingly. 

  • Invest in the modules you need- It is good to do your research and look at the recommendations for the HR software. But, never let that take over your mind and rule out the list of must-haves you need in your HR software to be. A blog or person may advocate getting a payroll, attendance, travel, and performance management software, if your budget goes overboard with that, don’t go for it. Being a small organisation, you are pretty much still able to keep a tab on performance and you may not need travel management software as much. What if there is one person that travels in the team and everyone else works from the office itself? Would that not be a waste of money? How will you be able to get the ROI when you are splurging carelessly? 
  • Do not restrict the controls- An HRMS software is made to empower not just the HR but every employee. If even after getting an HR software, you have kept the employee information update control, leave application and some other major control to yourself, then you will be able to save time in your dreams only. On the other hand, when employees will have access to view and edit the information related to them, download the payslip and apply for leaves, imagine how fewer queries will be raised and how much time would you end up saving. 
  • Make the most of the payroll module- Payroll modules are the essence of every HRMS software when it comes to saving time. So, check if the features like defining the salary structure, running the double-check are enabled or not. Doing this manually consumes a lot of time. Moreover, you may also want to integrate the software or get attendance management software, otherwise, errors can occur whilst transferring the data. 
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