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Your Quest To Hire The Best Wedding Planner Made Easier

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Planning the biggest day of your life is exciting and demands tons of planning and hard work. If you have ever planned a wedding of some friend or family member, you know the chaos. It is a fact that detailed planning helps immensely but the stress can extremely tire you.

When it comes to planning the dream wedding of yours, consider hiring professional help. Hiring the right wedding planner is a job in itself the efforts are worth your time.

You can enjoy your big day while these professionals will take care of organizing and making it the most memorable day of your life. So, before you start searching for a “wedding planner near me”, decide whether you should hire one or not?

Should You Hire A Planner?

A lot of people never give it a thought. Many couples assume that it is going to cost them unnecessary expenditures. Ask yourselves the following questions before deciding to do it yourself. If you see a lot more yes’s than no’s, you need to hire a planner.

  • Are you lagging behind your wedding checklist?

It often happens that the busy schedules of our lives intervene in our plans. It is too risky to leave your wedding planning to such an intervention. You can find out dozens of wedding planning checklists online but ticking all the boxes is not so easy!

  • Are you or your partner’s job too hectic to meet vendors?

You will have to take out time on weekdays to do all the discussion and fight (not literally obviously) on the discounts!

  • You both cannot seek help from friends or family members?

You will need a lot of people. If you are being overly optimistic and think that you can handle all of it on your own, you are mistaken.

  • Do you plan to have a destination wedding?

Local weddings are far simpler than destination weddings. The world “simple” might seem a bit exaggeration to the people who have some experience in planning local weddings.

To be honest, it’s not! Destination weddings have all the travel arrangements involved, accommodation, and various adjustments in the new environment. It is on another level. You surely need some experienced professionals to help you out.

  • Do you prefer a very short engagement?

It might seem romantic and fun to do it all together and cherish the memories later in life. It surely is but with additions of a lot more stress than a pre-planned wedding.

  • Do You Need Personal Advice?

When you search to find some inspirations, there are thousands and thousands of ideas. Many couples struggle to envision their wedding and incorporate those ideas. A professional wedding planners Company can provide personal advice after discussing your vision.

When you finally reach the answer “yes”, the quest to find the best yet remains. Start your quest as soon as you realize that you need to hire an expert for your wedding.

Wedding planning Company
Wedding Planners Indianapolis

Following is a list of essential questions to ask your potential wedding planner.

Q.1. Are You Available On The Planned Dates?

It is one of the basic questions. When you have a strictly planned wedding date, you need to find a planner with your slots. If you have a certain planner in your mind, you might have to reschedule your wedding to adjust to the available slots. 

Q.2. What Are Details Of Available Packages?

The next most important question is about money. A wedding should be the most memorable day of your life but it is not practical to burden yourselves with copious debts. The cost and expensive discussion should be at the very early stages of the hiring process.

Wedding planners provide service packages. You can hire a coordinator, designer or full-service providing wedding planner. Ask about the costs of different packages.

Q.3. How Many Meetings Should Be Arranged?

Wedding planning is not possible without your involvement in the procedure. It is good to discuss your roles in the planning and the meeting sessions required. Every planner has a unique workflow. 

Q.4. What Is Included In Full-Service Package?

For different planners, the term full-service package has a different meaning. Virtually, a full-service package includes everything from bringing the vision to the board, deciding the theme and executing the plans. Most of them also include wind up services after the event is over. You should discuss the services provided in the package to avoid last-minute chaos.

Q.5. How Many People Will Assist At The Wedding Day?

Most of the planning logistics are handled before the actual wedding day. But still, the day needs to be well coordinated. You must ask about the number of professionals, coordinators, and assistants who will be present at the wedding venue. Every wedding has its requirements and the size of the management team varies.

Q.6. How Will They Create And Follow The Timeline?

There are a lot of people involved in planning a wedding. The planner should discuss the details about their timeline creating process. All the actions of pros, family members, to-be-weds, and friends should be included in the timeline. Ask about the ways they will stick to the timeline.

Q.7. What Are The Back-up Plans?

Emergencies happen and the only way to combat is an effective back-up plan. If anything goes wrong with the planning team, is there any backup? A lot of last-minute-decisions are to be made while planning a wedding. Inquire about the back-up plans for emergencies.

Q.8. What Is Their Experience?

Handling nuptials is different from other event management. It is okay if the planner has some experience with the corporate events but they must have enough experience in wedding planning.

 If you are planning for a destination wedding, ask about the specific experiences. If the planner has arranged a wedding in the same venue as yours, it is a bonus for you.

Q.9. Are There Any References And Portfolios?

A competent wedding planner will always provide references. Portfolios are proof of the previous works. Ask about the references to the pros they have worked with. Get contact details of recent couples who availed the services.

The response of a planner to this question is crucial for your decision. They should not be hesitant in providing the contacts.

Q. 10. Is The Wedding Planning Company Insured?

The wedding planning company must be insured and licensed. In case of any unfortunate accident, you should not be held responsible for the liabilities. Ask about the insurance details and the scenarios it covers. Ensure that you completely understand the details of the contract you are signing.

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