Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Your Startup Idea! With WordPress Phone Directory Plugin

As you know, one of the best startup ideas in the online business area is local online phone directories. In this article we are going to explain how you can set up a great startup with Listdom which is a WordPress phone directory plugin. Listdom has been released in Lite and Pro versions and we are going to explain how you can use each one. On the other hand, we will explain Listdom Add-ons and how they will help you to have a great online phone directory.

Start with WordPress and Listdom Briefly

WordPress is the most popular CMS which you can use to make an online platform, it has so many features which gathered together in the simplest possible way. On the other hand as soon as you install Listdom (Pro or Lite), new features will add to Default WordPress menus which allows you to create an online phone directory website with this amazing WordPress Plugin.

Listdom Lite Is a Free WordPress Phone Directory Plugin

You can download Listdom Lite freely from the WordPress repository and start building your online directory in WordPress. When you install and activate Listdom Lite two new menus will be added to the WordPress dashboard and each menu handles one part of the logic. Firstly, Listings menu handle add/manage listings and add/manage categorize listing options. Secondly in the Listdom Menu you can change settings, add shortcodes to show listings, search dynamic search forms.

First of all, head over to Listings options menu that is considered for add/manage listings and categorize options. Firstly please go to categories, locations, features, tags, and labels and define categorize options. For example, Business is a good sample for category and 24 hours support for features. After that add/manage listings in the Listings menu and specify listing title, description, price, working hours, address, map location and select categorize filters.  For example, a listing that shows phone and contact information of specific business.

After that, you need to check Listdom menu options to change the settings, create short-codes to show listings, and create search forms dynamically.  Firstly please go to the Shortcodes menu and create short-codes to show listings in front-end in more than 90 different skins and styles. Secondly, create search forms in the “Search Builder” menu and use it anywhere that you need. Finally, change the settings of Listdom in the Settings menu. For example, Google Map Settings, slugs, details page, and archive pages.

One Step to Be a Professional Online Solution

Listdom Pro is a paid WordPress phone directory plugin which helps you to create more professional online solutions. We will start by talking about setting up the front-end dashboard, adding Attributes (Custom Fields), using OpenStreetMap, Embed video, and interactive map searches.

To begin with please add Listdom dashboard short-code to a page and then you will have front-end add/manage listings and users can add their listing to your online phone directory. After that, click on Attributes menu in Listings Menu and define your custom fields. For example, different phone numbers of a listing.

If you do not want to use Google Maps as it needs API Key and it is not fully free, as soon as you install Listdom Pro, Leaflet Map will add to Listdom Map providers and you can use OpenStreetMap instead of Google Map. Then you can add YouTube videos of listing items as Embed Code with Listdom Pro. Also Listdom Pro offers interactive map search feature and visitors of your online directory can search on Map.

Listdom add-ons Male Your Online Phone Directory Unique

If you think to have some unique features on your WordPress phone directory each Listdom Add-on can help you to achieve this. For example you can be on a user/visitors smart phone with Listdom Android/IOS apps. Also you can insert so many listings in one process with Listdom CSV Importer Addon.

There are so many other Listdom Add-ons which you can see in Totalery website.


Listdom Lite, Listdom Pro and Listdom Add-ons are the best solutions which help you to create an online phone directory platform with easy to use and modern tools. 

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