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Your Top 7 Reasons to Learn Django


Django: A brief introduction

This framework is prevalent among  developers.  Django is used for creating web applications, and the best part of this framework is that it relieves you from rewriting the code while designing a website.  

It is not a mere structure that aids in creating software; instead it has a set of components that includes commonly used processes of the web applications or websites.  In comparison to PHP, Django is more intuitive and avoids repetition of coding for the developers.

What makes Django so favoured with the enterprises and developers alike?

Django automatically helps the developers write the coding in a way that even other members of the team or any outside vendor can easily understand the purpose and design of your coding.

This framework comes with an interface called CRUD, which stands for –Create, Read, Update and Delete. This particular interface is quite handy for developers as it simplifies searching, modifying and evaluating the information.

Let us delve a bit deeper to understand why it receives such loud applause. We give you the top 7 reasons why you should go for a Django course. Here is our list.

1.    A facilitator for developers

The framework was developed to facilitate the developers, and it has truly lived up to its objectives. The underlying philosophy of Django is ‘No Repetitions of Coding’, i.e. as a developer, you can reuse the code and you need not keep writing new code.  It ensures rapid development of web applications because you need not start the development work from scratch and can manage redundancy effectively. You can complete your projects on time without much effort.

2.    A significant improvement over the years

It was launched in 2005, and since then there has been a consistent improvement based on the feedback from  developers and customers alike. New features were added as and when the demand arose.  Furthermore, the Django developer community also saw a growth in numbers, experience and expertise. As an outcome, the support for the new Django developers is tremendous.  If ever, you find difficulty in working with Django, the active community forums have several experienced developers to help you out.

3.    Blends equally well with other applications

Another striking feature of Django is that it was never developed to work in technological isolation. It merely means that you can integrate most of the third party application with ease. Based on the project requirements, you can opt to use the third-party apps that come with the Django.  For authorization and emails, Django consists of several applications.

4.    Perfect for SEO

Django is excellent for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) initiatives. Digital marketers love this framework. It is a significant advantage, as everyone will like their site to rank higher in search results. Django will help you generate readable URLs. Moreover, you can create links with relevant keywords and follow the best white hat practices of SEO. With Django, you can have a website that ranks high invisibility factor, and even in the development phase, you can harness the SEO techniques.

5.    Libraries for solving common tasks

While each programming language has its library, so does Django. However, what is so special about this framework is the abundant resource centre it provides in the form of a library. Prewritten codes, processes, procedures, scripts and much more are included here. It improves the functionality of your application and automates coding while avoiding redundancy. Eventually, these libraries help in reducing the time to market considerably.

6.    Secure and Scalable

While developing Django, the security issue was taken at high priority, and even today, it remains the same. New security patches are issued regularly.  The alerts for vulnerabilities are prompt and meaningful.

Moreover, you can work on projects of any size with it. Therefore, whether it is a simple website or a high-load application, Django will never disappoint you.

7.    Top companies use this framework

Django is not only the choice of the developers; it is the top choice for the giants as well.  Below are a few big names from the Internet who rely on Django for speed and excellent user experience.

•    Google

•    Instagram

•    YouTube

•    The Washington Post

•    Quora

•    Firefox

•    Dropbox

•    Reddit

•    Pinterest

•    NASA and many others. A Django certification will be a great addition to your skills and knowledge as a developer. Join one today to see how it can advance your career prospects.

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