Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Your Ultimate Guide on How to Choose an Appropriate Pillow

There are many factors when it comes to quality sleep at night, but the most important of them is to rest your head suitably. A quality pillow is vital for the best sleep possible because every thought is inside the head, and you can wake up with a headache if the pillow is hard. 

We are not denying the fact that temperature, mattresses, light matters but pillow plays a crucial part too. In this blog, you will learn about choosing an appropriate pillow, but before getting started, let’s talk about some major factors regarding the pillows.

Why the Equitable Pillow Matter? 

This is a common question asked by people, why are the pillows so important? The answer is that a bad pillow can affect your whole body. We all wake up in the morning and rub the kink in our neck. Good sleeping posture can help in better sleep quality and will prevent pain in the back or neck after waking up.  

The problem with a hard pillow is that it will not allow your head to relax, and you will get tired of changing sides. The brain controls the whole body, and if the brain doesn’t get quality sleep, then you will face various pains when you wake up. The most common pain is back pain and neck pain. 

On the other hand, a soft and good quality pillow will allow your head to relax and will relax every nerve of your body. A good sleeping posture and a quality pillow will help your spine stay aligned. These are just a few reasons why pillows are of great importance.

What Is the Right to Replace the Pillow? 

The general life of a mattress is about eight years, but the pillow won’t last that long. It is recommended to change the pillows every 18 months, and a well-kept pillow can last nearly two to three years. 

There are few tests you can pass your pillow from to get an idea about whether you should replace the pillow or no. Are there any holes, stains, or smells in your pillow? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then the time has come to find a new one.

Try the fold test. Fold the pillow in half and see the results. If the pillow comes back to its original shape, then you are good to go, but if it stays folded, then you know what to do. If your pillow is lumpy and flat, then the time has to come to replace it.

Now let’s talk about the factors to consider before purchasing a pillow.

  1. Fill  

There is not a fixed answer about the filling you should opt for. There are multiple options like memory foam, wool, cotton, polyester, latex, and others. This depends on the place you live in because if you live in a cold area, then the wool pillow should be your preference and vice versa. 

The cotton filling can rock in almost every weather condition. Most brands use pillow box with handle because they are easy to carry, and you can find the stuffing and other details on the box.

  1. Weight

A memory foam pillow heavier, and a cotton pillow will be lighter in weight. Both the fillings are appreciable in their way, and you can choose according to the weight you prefer. If you like your pillow to be sturdier, opt for a heavier one because it won’t slip in the night.

  1. Fabric                   

This is a vital part to consider because if you sleep on your side or back, then your face will be attached to the pillow throughout the night. If the fabric is not friendly, you can catch rash on your face, and if the dirt is absorbed in the pillow cover, you can face problems like acne. Try and select a pillow with friendly fabric like cotton or silk.

  1. Size 

Pillows usually come in two different sizes standard and king size. For most people, the standard size is more than enough, but if you move way too much in sleep then the right-sized pillow for you has to be king-size. A thing to note here is that if your bed is standard size, a king-size pillow might look odd. 

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