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Your ultimate guide to using iPad rental at events

Whether it’s a small product launch, a business conference, or a major exhibition, when you’re prepping for a corporate event, you need to ensure that you’ve all boxed ticked when it comes to being equipped with the tools you’ll need on the day at your proposal. Often, that means requiring technology that is just too expensive to invest in a full buy.

Event iPad rental makes it possible to get access to multiple portable screens for your event, for use by your customers and your staff, without the need to invest substantially and affect the bottom line. From utilising these devices to display promo marketing materials to allowing every attendee at a press briefing a closer look, there are a ton of corporate uses for iPads.

Where to use event iPad renal?

iPad rental may be a great alternative for a number of corporate events. From tradeshows to product launches, here, we take a closer look at the most popular places businesses use iPad hire.

§  Exhibitions: Numerous brands hiring tablets and iPads take them to tradeshows and exhibitions throughout the UK and beyond. From visibility on promo videos to actually developing a mobile point-of-sale system, iPads are being used in a number of ways.

§  Conferences: Whether it’s merely for your team or visibility for everyone participating in the conference, the use of iPads has become widespread to offer larger corporate meetings instant access to websites, apps, projects, and more.

§  Meetings: Whether you’re running through a press meeting, showing an editable PowerPoint, or conducting a website demonstration, meetings can be more professional and organised with the assistance of tablet hire.

§  Presentations and pitches: Allowing close up access to items like media browsers, websites, and portfolios, use iPads throughout presentations and pitches to offer you, attendees, a more interactive experience.

How to use event iPad hire at events, conferences, and exhibitions

Not sure how your company would incorporate iPad hire into your next event or exhibition? We’ve put together some creative ideas of how best to use tablets or iPads at your next corporate event.

§  Add them to your stand décor: So, you’ve produced a branded exhibition stand with logo-heavy promotional materials and pop up banners to draw and attract the attention of potential clients? That’s awesome, but what your stand is missing is the key interactivity of an attractive iPad addition. Don’t just have a hired iPad with you on the stand, include it into the décor by using professional iPad stands to integrate the technology into your space truly.

§  Use them for event check-in: Whether it’s for data capture and check-in at a small meeting or a larger exhibition, iPads are a good way to ensure you’re making the most of the attendees at your event while ensuring you can reconnect with them later.

§  Stay connected: Use Office on a tablet and enable access to PowerPoint, Excel, and Word with changes saved directly to your cloud immediately for instant updates during the meeting, visible to everyone in the room.

§  Create a photobooth: You can even create your own photo booth via technical event staff iPad rental, leading to increased engagement with potential partners and clients along with easy access to data capture to share the images.

§  Conduct research on-the-go: Many of our customers actually hire tablets and iPads to be able to conduct research on-the-go during exhibitions and events in a quick, branded, and professional way. Develop an easy-to-complete questionnaire and use it throughout the day at your event on your iPad rental, and you’ll leave your event with brand-new data and primary research alongside all your fresh customers.

In summary, whether you need to rent 30 iPad models for an interactive conference presentation or you’re looking for a single iPad mini rental to accompany you on a corporate trip, here at Anytime Tablet Hire, we’ve got the equipment and technology to make it happen.

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