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Youtube jumps alexa rank 2 just after google

On Sunday, 15th May 2016 I was just casually checking the alexa rank of the website Business Module Hub of one of my colleagues. So, it is kind of a necessary things to me that whenever I open the alexa site, I usually check the websites which hold the spot from no 1 to no 10. As we all know, Google is the most popular website in the world, but after Google it was facebook who used to hold the second spot for being the most popular website (in terms of traffic) on the planet. I used the term “it was”, yes exactly; facebook is no longer holds the 2nd place in alexa ranking. It is youtube (the product of Google) which has driven most number of traffics from all over the world, just after Google in the recent time.

The people who are engage in the field of Internet marketing or online marketing know the significance of the alexa rank. Although I do write for everyone, so I’m describing the concept of alexa rank in short. Alexa is an organization or you may call it a subsidiary part of Amazon. Alexa holds the right to provide rank to the billions of websites in the world according to their popularity. In that manner Google holds the 1st place, Youtube holds the 2nd, facebook holds the 3rd etc and so on.

This recent changed in the alexa rank of facebook has made me wonder that, how come youtube surpassed the popularity of the social media giant facebook. There are almost 1.25 billion accounts have been registered under facebook. Even in our surrounding we all know each and every person has facebook accounts under their name. May be the generation of our parents little bit unaware of how to get registered on facebook but they all heard the term facebook and its inventor Mark Zuckerberg. According to a survey of “The Next Web” it has been found that facebook has around 750 million of daily active users. Isn’t it a great stat? Even it is a marvelous stat. The figure is beyond imagination. So one can understand how much popular a social media website like facebook, still youtube close to the top of the mountain.

Now, I come to the youtube directly, as I don’t want to bore my readers. I also like to read short but useful and very much informative post. Youtube is the world’s largest platform of uploading and downloading videos of any kind, any category, and of any duration etc. No one can surely speak about how many videos there are exactly on the youtube till date, but after researching some of the websites I have known that it has almost 2.5 billion videos uploaded. Wow, simply wonderful to know about that.

Now, the point is, it is not known that what is making facebook less popular from Youtube. I may not be the right person to tell exactly the right things about that, although as per my view and the experience in the rapidly changing world of Internet marketing, it can be said that lesser updates in its frame design and the working pattern of the various options are not catchy enough to draw the attention of the visitors day by day so that they can be more interested to knock into it. On the other hand, youtube has wide versatility of videos, even one can’t imagine how much he/she can get from youtube. If you want to know about any topic that comes to your mind, just search by that term on youtube; you will get plenty of video references with proper guidance. The number of videos are uploaded on youtube are much more that the number of accounts being created on facebook.

It’s not that facebook can’t ever move to the 2nd spot or number 1 spot in the alexa ranking. But, it will be tough from my point of view as youtube draws the more traffic day by day than facebook from major countries of the world and it is on the increasing side.

I hope this article may be helpful for all and for the beginners on internet marketing chapter.

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