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YouTube Vanced: Safest Youtube Video Downloader Review

To download videos from YouTube, it’s almost impossible with the YouTube app that’s available now. Even with allowing offline streaming of some videos, generally, there is no direct way to download. Obviously, we need to use a third-party app to access and download. While doing that, there are a few questions that always surround us. One is the efficiency and user-friendly nature of the app and then how safe it is. We need an app that is easy to use, with more features than the usual YouTube app provides and  We don’t need any click bites, we don’t need any harmful links that will damage our phone.


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YouTube Vanced takes my top ranking when I try to answer those two questions, It has an easy downloading option and more importantly it blocks all the ads from showing on your phone while watching videos. The app has the in-build ad blocker exclusively for the purpose. I’m using the app for the past three months, here is my review of the app.

YouTube Vanced is an integrated YouTube Client that enables users to access the entire video inventory of YouTube without any hustle or hazards. It is easy to use just like YouTube and better that there is no algorithm controlling our experience like on YouTube. 

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Our primary objective is to use the download option. It is as easy as it gets. We just need to click the option of “Download” that’s placed below the video screen. The feature surprised me by giving an additional option to select video or audio downloads.Sometimes, you don't get internet but you can change Wifi Password PLDT.

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As you can see in the picture while downloading we can select the format and also the quality in which we need the download. It supports 144p to 4k downloads and that primarily depends upon the original video upload quality. In any regard, the feature is handy and extremely simple.

Youtube Background Music Player  

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The app’s other exciting feature is the option of background music play from videos. Near the Download option, we can find the feature and a tap on it will do the job to make that video into an audio player. Imagine we can have the entire music option on Youtube and use it like in a music player! That’s what YouTube Vanced apk is giving.

Pop-Up Player for Multitasking

If we want to use other applications while watching a video, YouTube Vanced has a pop-up floating screen option exclusively for that purpose. When you click on the Pop-Up option placed as shown in the picture above, the video screen will turn into a small floating screen on the phone display. You can adjust the size of the screen and also drag and place where we want.


Since I started using the app, I’m completely satisfied with its performance, especially the one that there are no click bites or any kind of unnecessary advertisements in it till now. Extremely friendly to use and feature-packed for free compared to the paid version of Youtube. An absolute no brainer is what I think about YouTube Vanced.

How to Download 

Click to download Vanced Youtube Apk safe and it will take you to the official website and from there you will be able to download it easily. Remember to give needed permissions while downloading the application. Happy Streaming.

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