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YouTube Video Marketing Guide For Real Estate Professionals

The real estate business is highly competitive. To survive the competition, you should make sure that you adopt new updated real estate marketing strategies. Video marketing is one of the widely used and most successful marketing strategies for business owners. It is gaining a lot of popularity in the real estate business too because of its proven success in getting high engagement. A survey shows that real estate listings with videos get about 400% more inquiries than the listings without videos. An automation for YouTube marketing could increase the percentage even higher.

Do you want to launch YouTube marketing for your real estate business? Are you clueless on how to start and what to do?You can read this guide here to get more marketing ideas for your real estate business or read this step-by-step guide to help you. 

  1. Set up a YouTube Channel

The first step is to create a YouTube channel. 

  • Sign in to your Google account from your computer or mobile phone. 

  • Go to the YouTube channel list.

  • Select ‘create a new channel’. 

  • Fill out the details and give your channel a name. 

  • Verify your account and then click ‘done’. 

  1. Optimize your YouTube channel

It is not enough if you create a channel on YouTube. You should optimize it if you want to drive more traffic. How to optimize? 

  • Your homepage design should be compelling. It should summarize the details of your channel and your business. 

  • You should choose a good profile picture that can easily stick to the memory of the viewer. Your company logo is a wonderful choice. 

  • Your channel name should have the right keyword to make sure you are found in searches.

  • Describe your company in the first 48 characters of the About Us page. 

  • Add channel art and channel trailer. It will help in creating the best impression when someone visits your channel for the first time. 

Now your YouTube channel is ready for you to post videos. 

  1. Real estate video making 

Listing video, neighborhood videos, testimonial videos, how-to videos, and agent-bio videos are a few videos that are perfect for real estate business. 

  • You can easily convert the property photos into a video for listing videos.

  • Neighborhood videos should explain the facilities available in the neighborhood.

  • Testimonials from happy customers are a great tool to promote your business. You can use video clips of your customers talking, or you can make a video using the written testimonials from your customers. 

  • Valuable ‘how-to videos’ like how to sell a house or how to buy a house or how to improve your house are very useful to people who want to buy or sell a house. 

  • Agent bio videos should be highly impressive and show why you are the best and why clients should come to you.

Real estate videos should be highly professional and of high quality. It is the videos that are going to bring in your potential clients. If you are new to video-making, it could be highly intimidating. However, there is nothing to worry about. It could be real fun. Here are a few tips to help you.

  • Let your viewers get involved with spherical video

Spherical videos are called 360 degrees video or immersive video. Start your video from the front door and move into the house. Your audience should feel that they are touring the property with you. 

  • Display information on the screen 

You should add on-screen text to give the important details of the property like price, size, and number of rooms etc. 

  • Add a voiceover 

Your voiceover should match the video. It need not be too hard-selling but should be just informative. 

  • Add music

Choose music that can set the right mood for your video. For example, you need music that gives family vibes when the video is on a family home. 

  • Show your human side 

A listing video shows only the details of the property or the home. However, it is not enough to make sales. Introduce yourself and your team through the video to make a human connection. Tell your story. Let your audience know how and why you became a realtor. This helps in building trust. You should also show off your expertise in the field. The video should make people like and trust you. 

  • Drone videos

Most people are of the impression that drone videos are expensive. In reality, it is not so. It can fit in your budget. Drone videos give a bird’s view of the property and are ideal for large properties and houses. It gives a good look at the property. 

  1. Market your YouTube channel

How to get more views on YouTube? The answer to this question is ‘marketing and promotion’. You have indeed used the important keywords in the name, about us page and home page. This will surely help in improving your SEO, but it is not enough. You can learn more about how to market your YouTube and increase your views right here.


It is equally important to market your channel. How to do it? 


  • Create a video playlist. This will ensure the viewer is taken to the next video automatically. 

  • Promote your videos on your website or blog. Include the link to your videos. 

  • Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. are splendid platforms to promote your channel and your videos. Make sure you are visible to your target audience. 

  • Participate in relevant discussion forums on Reddit and Quora etc. Leave the links to your videos in the discussions. 

  1. Real Estate Video Posting

  • Be consistent in posting your videos. Post regularly if you want to increase your engagement. 

  • Use call to action like click, subscribe, share, comment, and go to the link and many more. This allows you to grow your channel. 

  • Go live on YouTube as live videos are more intimate and can create more personal connections. It is the perfect choice to announce a new listing or a new deal.

A Few Tips to Remember

  • Make sure your videos are short and crisp. 

  • Make sure you respond to the comments and queries.

  • Weekday mornings get more engagement. 

YouTube is the best platform to create strong brand awareness. To make sure you succeed is to think differently and uniquely and take your real estate business to the next level with YouTube video marketing. 


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