Ultimate Guide to Popular Digital Marketing Tools for a Money Making Website

Building a solid foundation for your website, you need to be in the proper path from the very beginning. You should know about the several tools, may it be hosting service provider tools or domain name providers or the SEO tools which help you to analyze your competitors and plan a thorough strategy for your website/s.

Our main aim behind creating this resource page is to help and make a newbie blogger or struggler knows about popular tools available in the market which could actually be the pillars of your success in the digital world.

Why should you follow Our Recommendations?

Being in the industry for over 8 years and running 5 other websites on different niches; we discover, tried and tested several hosting service providers, various hosting name provider services, a lot of SEO tools, and unlimited number of themes for Wordpress, what could be the best Email marketing tools etc. Here we have categorized every tool under specific section so that you do not get confused about their purposes or utilities.

Let’s go straight and discover the tools to start off with:-

Hosting Service Providers:-

In simple sentence, Hosting means to host something or to create space for something. Now, here in the digital world we are talking about hosting a website. A website needs space to be hosted. As we know, a website can have several associated components like the images, fonts, the videos and other building blocks; therefore these all require space.

Thus we can conclude that, a hosting service provider provides space for a single website or multiple websites.

Our Top Picks of Hosting Service Providers:-

SiteGround:- After testing number of hosting service providers we came into conclusion that our favorite & one of the industry leaders in hosting service is SiteGround. Believe our words if you do not want to do the same mistakes we did at our initial journey.

Using SiteGround helped us to grow our website speed up to 300%, thus more traffic we had generated as we shifted to this hosting service provider. Most of our websites are hosted on SiteGround. Till date, the company served over 2 million customers & received great feedback.

For a newbie, or a solo blogger, be it a small to large scale organization SiteGround has several custom plans to offer. Anyone can opt for monthly subscription pack as well as yearly subscription pack.  You can opt for dedicated hosting (A hosting where only your website will be hosted) or shared hosting (A hosting type where your website shares space with other websites). Although we always recommend to use dedicated hosting to maintain all your websites under one and not to share with others.

The price starts from $3.95 per month for start-ups and small businesses with free SSL.

Bluehost:- The 2nd in our list of top hosting service providers is Bluehost. Like SiteGround, experts say Bluehost is also one of the top hosting service providers which can really enhance and optimize your website performance to next level.

Especially, Bluehost is mostly recommended for Wordpress blogs, in fact everyone will recommend Wordpress platform as the beginning of your blogging journey.

From start-ups to large scale organizations, they have all packages with free basic SSL.

GreenGeeks:- It is considered as one of the best hosting for the beginners when they step in to the blogging world. We also recommend the same, use Greengeeks for your very first blog. We always recommend to test and try sometimes as depending on the plug-ins and the themes you use for your website, the performance matters too.

With a 30 day money back guarantee, you can easily start from their package as low as $2.95 per month.

Keep it in mind that blogging is a journey and it is a serious business. Therefore, we hope that you will not stick to any single blogging website. By the time, you will learn about the niches and on which of the niches you should build your upcoming blog/s.

NameCheap:- Known for its excellent customer experience, NameCheap offers thousands of top level domains. You can easily find a domain of your dream to start your blogging career. Use their easy search option to get one for you.

Apart from buying, this hosting service provider also allows you to sell any existing domain (if you already have). People often search by several terms of their interest to find a domain name and if they find their preferences match with your existing domain name, you can easily sell them on NameCheap as per the agreed price.

InterServer:- The name might be little unknown among the other 4 already mentioned above, but in terms of service and affordability you can really trust InterServer as one for your preferred hosting partners.

With improved version of basic SSL certification, InterServer is best for someone who is specifically looking for managed web hosting.

Their basic pack starts from $5 per month.

Themes for Starting Your Blog:-

As we all might know, a theme is one of the most important backbones to keep it mind while starting your blog or any website. First impression is last impression, unless it is performing exceptionally well in other perspectives.

Here, we will help you to choose the best and attractive theme/s for your website from few of the top Wordpress theme providers, so that it creates a very good impression on your visitors at first sight.

Our Top Picks of Wordpress Themes:-

GeneratePress:- Trusted by the top bloggers and many small to medium businesses, GeneratePress offers the most powerful, light-weighted and responsive themes for your blog/website.

We always recommend starting your 1st blog with GeneratePress, you and your audience would definitely love the experience on your website. They provide easy installation in simple steps. If you want to integrate on your own, check out the resources they have provided as video.

GP Premium price starts from $49.95 per year with 30 days money back policy. You can integrate the theme to unlimited number of websites at the same price. Grab one for yourself today.

Divi:- Presented by Elegant Themes, Divi is another very popular Wordpress theme to start off with. You can choose from thousands of their attractive themes.

Divi offers very cool template formats on their website itself, to try with their powerful options and building a dummy website and test its performance with ease.

The company offers specifically 2 simple packages, one on a yearly renewal basis and one for lifetime access. Their basic pack starts from $89 per year with integration on unlimited websites. Along with Divi you get access to their entire range of products like Bloom, Monarch etc. Divi offers you to pay once use lifetime scheme with their $249 onetime payment option with premium support, lifetime updates etc.

Top SEO Tools for your Digital Campaign:-

To work smarter in this digital era and getting an edge from the competitors is utmost important. To help you easily optimize your blog/website and keeping close eyes on your top competitors you should use at least 1-2 SEO tools from the very beginning.

Almost all the top SEO tools in the market have their free version to help you test their performance measure and then you can select from one of their packages to start with.

It is not that without tool/s no one can succeed but these tools help you to put your valuable time on the important things which seriously need your manual effort.

Top individual marketers & almost all the small to large scale industries test almost every top digital tool to check which of these are providing more value to trigger their digital journey.

Our Top Picks of SEO Tools:-

SEMRush:- One of the oldest and widely used SEO tools in the world. SEMRush provides you all the insights which you require to spy on your competitors as well as gives you infinite ideas & resources to help your website/blog optimized by time.

From keywords research to competitors backlink analysis and other analytical data, backlink creation ideas, content creation tips, probable measurement of your organic and search campaigns; everything you will find under one roof in SEMRush.

Start with the 30 days free trial pack of SEMRush and get accustomed with the tools and its overall functionalities, and then we recommend using their premium package. This is a must to grab offer for every newbie.

When we started we did not have such amount to spare on the SEO tools every month, but soon later we realized the importance of having at least one SEO tool to succeed. We love using SEMRush, thus we recommend every beginner to start off with this tool. However, there are several top performing tools like SEMRush which we will be covering now.

Ahrefs:- From the beginners to the top most Digital Evangelist, no one can deny the insight power of Ahrefs. Like SEMRush, this is one of the most widely used SEO tools and really helpful to give you a comprehensive edge over your competitors.

If you are not aware about how to use the tool along with all its functionalities, you can easily grab these from their helpful resources, which will guide you step by step to make the most out of it. The all inclusive research tool is one of its kind.

Not initially, but we started using this tool along with SEMRush when we did believe that SEO tools can really help you accomplish several goals with ease, although there is no alternative to hard work. The tools will be helpful & useful only if you know how to make the best use of it.

Ahrefs trial pack starts from $7 for a week. If you feel happy using it and understand it is worth to use, then move forward to their premium plans which start from $399 per month. Do not buy any of the premium plans without digging your hands and get adequate understanding.

SerpStat:- SerpStat is a all in one SEO tool that every beginners as well as the pro marketers enjoy using this. From keyword research to website audit & back-link analysis to competitor research as well as performance tracking; everything you can do with this efficient SEO tool.

This is the tool which is always in our bucket list to measure and scale our website performance with ease. The market review of SerpStat is quite impressive.

When it comes to pricing, SerpStat offers a free trial for its users. You can upgrade your subscription anytime to premium. Unlike the other tools, the starting price of this tool is only $19 per month.

Google Keyword Planner:- The free keyword research tool by Google. When we hear something which is by Google, the trust automatically comes. Almost every beginner in the digital world preferred using this tool at their early ages.

Google Keyword Planner will serve you to draw an insight and competency of your targeted keywords performance on the Google search engine.

If you are interested to run paid Ads on Google along with the organic promotion and not sure how much bid you should start off with to have a neck to neck competition with your competitors; we highly recommend using this awesome free tool by Google. This tool helps you to research keywords & its competency on the search engines as well as on the social medias. This is purely a keyword research tool. This tool often referred as no. 1 Google Keyword Planner alternative.

The tool comes with a free plan to give an idea about its effectiveness and bringing you the relevant keyword/s ideas based upon your search. The premium plan starts from $79/month if your billing cycle is annual.

Not only on the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo etc, tise tool helps you to gain an insight of how your targeted keyword/s will be performed on other mediums like Youtube, Amazon, eBay, Google Play Store, Twitter, Instagram etc.

List of Best Lead Generation Tools

Every business runs on sales. More precisely, we can say that a sale is the top most factor to run a successful business. No matter that you are selling a product or service, as long as you create a great sales path for your business.

To help every business generate targeted amount of leads through online, there are several online lead generation tools available in the market. If any business which relies only on the digital platforms, then these kinds of tools are must have.

Here in the following, we have discussed about some of these widely used lead generation tools that can really help your business to catch the success ladder fast and efficiently.

Our Top Picks of Email Marketing Automation Tools:-

LeadPages:- LeadPages is a tool which help businesses to create awesome & highly converting landing pages with ease. In simple word, you can consider the tool as a landing page builder.

Whether you are promoting your business website organically or through digital paid advertisement, whenever a potential customer visits your website, this is your chance to show customized landing pages as per the specific requirement.

Through LeadPages, you can create, test and try different pop-ups, forms, responsive templates and other important website building elements.

This is one of the top lead generation tools & favorite among every marketer. The basic version starts from as low as $25.

We highly recommend this tool for every business which relies on digital sales platforms for their business revenue.

ClickFunnels:- Often regarded as one of the best lead generating tools in the market for its broad range of customization options availability. ClickFunnels is the mostly used among the businesses which require to create an automation process by offering several products and services to specific audience.

This tool is a bit expensive for the beginners, and to test the capability of the tool it offers a free 14 days of trial period. Whether you create a sales page or any kind of customize landing pages, with its high conversion rates this tool has become top choice for the marketers.

It is always recommended for the beginners to go through by their video resources and try the free version first, and then think about purchasing.

Best Tools for Email Marketing Solutions:-

No Digital Marketers can deny the importance of Email Marketing along with all their Digital Campaigns. Building and email list from the scratch and make use of the list to target specific set of audience is the key to business success.

Experts say that, the email list is the asset for every business and how the business will make the best use of it, that is up to them. Here, we will not move in to the details of how to create an Email list, we’ll try preparing a different write up for that. We will only discuss about the Email Marketing platforms which will really help you to re-target audience of your Email list.

Below, we have listed the most widely used tools for your successful Email Marketing campaigns. These are easy to use, but you need to plan & segment your audience to prepare an automation flow to target the same set of audience again and again with new offerings and tips.

GetResponse:- GetResponse is a very popular Email Marketing tool among the marketers. This tool will help you to build landing pages, auto-funnels, audience segmentation through tagging ability.

If you are feeling that will you be able to make the best use of it; we will recommend going through by their video tutorials thoroughly. You will be able to understand how the tool can really help you cater solutions for your targeted audience.

GetResponse has 30 day FREE trial pack for the new users to try hands on with this tool. However the basic package starts from $15 per month, where you can send unlimited messages to 1000 mail subscribers.

AWeber:- AWeber offers a simple, yet powerful Email Marketing solutions for your Digital campaigns. Like the GetResponse, you can build awesome landing pages, as well as create sales funnels and can do proper Email Marketing automation.

We have been using both these powerful Email Marketing solutions to target our Email subscribers in an efficient manner. You will also find several customization options in order to design awesome templates.

Enjoy the FREE trial of AWeber for 30 days and try every feature as much as you can and make yourself familiar with tool before you opt for their premium package, which starts from $19 a month.

ConverKit:- Relatively new, although the new days marketers love using ConvertKit for its efficiency. This is a comprehensive Email Marketing software to accomplish your several business objectives. They have the very proactive support team to help you in any situation.

It is true that, we did not use ConvertKit yet as we are already using the above two, but as per the reviews and market demand of this tool; as per our opinion you can really go for it after proper market research.

ConvertKit is no wonder, it also provide FREE 30 days of trial, if you are satisfy with the experience then go for their premium version which starts from $29 a month.

MailerLite:- A very popular Email Marketing cum Automation tool that has become very popular among the internet marketers. Often you regard this tool as one of the competitors of ConvertKit. Building beautiful Opt-in page to highly converting sales funnel; MailerLite is very much powerful & easy to use.

It is a great value Email Marketing service for the individual entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profits and definitely for the enterprise level too. You can choose from their wide range of customization options when it comes to designing templates, building highly converting landing pages, A/B testing etc.

In their FREE version MailerLite allows you to mail 1000 subscribers. The premium package starts just from $10 per month. You can surely give a try with this awesome tool.