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4 ways how to hang plants in apartments


Decor lovers know that plants are one of those natural decor elements that one can never go wrong with. Plants, especially green plants, benefit the exterior and interior of your apartment in ways more than one. Apart from lending a vibrant and sophisticated look, green plants work wonders in elevating the overall exterior and interior ambiance of your apartment to a tranquil one. 

Sure, it goes without saying that there are a number of different ways how you can showcase green plants in your apartment. However, hanging them is one of the most unique and sophisticated approaches that you can take. 

How to hang plants in apartments

When it comes to hanging plants in your apartment, you don't necessarily have to deal with power tools and other heavyweight equipment. It is interesting to know that simple tips and approaches can also help you get the job done. Here are some of the simple tips that can come handy to you: 

1) Use hanging pots

One of the easiest ways on how to hang plans in apartments is to use hanging pots. These types of ports are somewhat similar to regular flower, plant pots. The only feature that sets them apart is the hanging hooks that come with them. 

If you are not experienced in punching nails on walls, you can simply take help from one of your family members. But prior to fixing the nails, make sure to figure out the specific spots where you want to showcase your hanging plants. 

hanging pots

2) Use macramé hangers

Another creative idea to hang plants in apartments is to use macramé hangers. There are different types of macramé hangers for flower pots which you can buy online or in stores. These types of hangers are designed in such a way that flower pots of different sizes snuggly fit inside them. 

The best part about using macramé hangers is they look way more sophisticated than plain hanging parts. Also, macramé hangers work wonders in adding texture to your rooms’ overall aesthetic appeal. 

 macramé hangers
Image credit: The Spurce Crafts

3) Use long height hanging stands

Hanging plants in an apartment become the most stylish when you use long height hanging stands. These types of stands have several hooks built on them through which you can hang plant pots of different sizes. 

It's also interesting to know that these types of hanging stands work best on corners. So, if you have any unused corners in your rooms, there is no reason why you shouldn't decorate the space with plant hanging stands

4) Use wooden hanging shelves

Using wooden hanging shelves is one of the best ways to hang plants on your apartment’s exterior spaces. In fact, it is one of the trending ways on how to hang plants in an apartment balcony. Wooden hanging shelves come in different sizes; the best size to opt for your balcony is one that can accommodate up to three pots. 

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How to hang plants in ceilings

There are several ways how you can hang plants directly from your room ceiling as well. Here are some of the tried and true ways how: 

1) Use ceiling mounts

Using ceiling mounts is one of the easiest and best ways to hang plants from ceiling. Ceiling mounts are available in different types of material. The best hooks to hang plants from ceilings, in terms of quality and durability, are ones that are made from high-quality materials such as nickel and aluminum. 

ceiling mounts to hang plants
Image credit: Contemporist

2) Use curtain rods

One of the easy and hassle-free ways to hang plants from ceiling without holes is to use the curtain rods that are already available in your rooms. You can directly and vine plants from the curtain rods or attach hangers to the rods and then place plant pots on them. Decor connoisseurs also recommend using curtain rods as one of the most sophisticated ways on how to hang air plants from the ceiling

Best plants to hang from ceilings

Some of the best plants to hang from ceilings include Arrowhead plant, Boston Fern, Trailing Jade, String of pearls, Staghorn Ferns, Ripple Peperomia, and Maidenhair Fern.  

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