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5 ingredient meals in 15 minutes



5 ingredient meals 15 minutes, sounds good, right? First, you should know the key meaning of the Five-Ingredient rule. This rule was adopted from the book of Michael Pollan, named "Food Rules". The book stated that we should avoid those foods which contain more ingredients. The secret behind staying healthy is to eat foods that are made up of more than five ingredients.

If you go through the book, you will see that it is advised not to eat any such things that your mother or grandmother restricted you from eating. Secondly, it is also said not to eat those foods that consist of more than five ingredients or avoid those you cannot even pronounce correctly. And, not to have anything which finally rots.

Everybody likes to eat various kinds of food, but at the same time, it is also advisable to have healthy foods. Not only to have a balanced diet but also to have five-ingredient meals. We hardly eat healthy food in our everyday life. It is not possible for us also to decide which one is best for us. So, from today if we follow 5 ingredients quick & easy food recipes. I believe you must be thinking that how is it possible to have 5 ingredients quick & easy food recipes. Well, to know this, follow this article. 

5 ingredients 15 minutes recipes

5 ingredients 15 minutes recipes

It is vital that one should take care of his/her health. In this busy era, various kinds of diseases are spreading. To protect us from these different diseases, it is essential to growing the immune system. Sometimes, after a long hectic day, everybody wants to prepare their super in the short cut method. So here are some 5 ingredients 15 minutes recipe. 

●      Hot Dog Cornbread Casserole

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Hot Dog Cornbread Casserole
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You will be stunned to know that this item needs only 5 ingredients, and you can cook it in 15 minutes. Isn't it great? The five ingredients are bread, cheese, chicken, butter, and chili flakes. We generally have all these ingredients at our home. So, you do not have to spend much time on it. Just take the bread, bake it in an oven, add the chicken's slice form, and add cheese and butter. Finally, add the chili flakes. Your 5-ingredient healthy recipe is ready. So, without taking much time as well as ever, you will get your meal ready in just 15 minutes as mention in 5 ingredients 15 minutes recipes. Do not spend your time and money in restaurants to have this cuisine. You can prepare it yourself in your home.

●      Vegetable Soup or Chicken Soup

Vegetable soup

Have you ever thought that having soup can be amazing to have as supper? If you are having a stomach problem or you have something heavy, then try the soup, which will aid you to keep fit and fine. This can also be referred to as 5 ingredient meals in 15 minutes.  All you need are soup powder, vegetables of 2 or 3 types, chicken, butter, salt, and black pepper. Just boil the water, boil the vegetables or chicken in a pressure cooker. Now pour the soup powder, butter, and salt and heat up. After that, serve it at the dinner table. This is healthy to eat, helps indigestion, and the amazing thing is that it hardly takes 15 minutes, not more than that.

●      Sandwich

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If you are fed-up with eating chicken, egg, or fish, try this 5-ingredient meal recipe. It is quite easy to prepare and healthy to eat also. You need bread, butter, mayonnaise, cucumber, and tomato. With these 5 ingredients only, you can prepare a fantastic cuisine. Take the bread, bake it for a while, add butter and mayonnaise. Then cut the cucumber and tomato in slices, put it in the bread, then cover it with another bread. Adding salt and black pepper is optional, but if you enhance the flavor, then go for it, and also you can make the sauce with the sauce recipe and add with it. This is perfect for having breakfast. This one of the examples of 5 ingredients healthy recipe.

●      Chicken Pasta or Vegetable Pasta

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  Chicken Pasta
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Pasta is another 5 ingredient meals in 15 minutes. This can be cooked in numerous ways, but the easiest way to prepare is to boil the water and add pasta noodles. Stir it until it softens, add the masala, add the fried vegetables, fry it, and be ready. Without much time and effort, you are getting delicious and mind-blowing cuisine. It is healthy too; just notice that you do not add much oil; as you know, it is not suitable for health. You can even give out this to your guests also. Pasta is a very famous food, children or youngsters like to have it.

●      Honey chicken

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Honey chicken
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If you are trying for something different, then go for Honey Chicken. This can also be referred to as 5 ingredients 15 minutes recipes. Yes, this is healthy too. The 5 ingredient meals 15 minutes are Chicken, Honey, Onion, Garlic, and Tomato. Just fry the chicken in the low flame. Add the paste of onion, garlic, and tomato. Finally, add the honey. It will taste something different from the usual recipe of any chicken. The 5 ingredients healthy recipes include Honey Chicken too. You will not need much time to cook this, and the best part is that all the ingredients are available at your home.


5 ingredients meals in 15 minutes are essential for all of us to maintain a healthy life. Other than this, we stop taking junk and street foods; then, we will get the result in a short time. Alas! We hardly follow these things in our life. So, I hope you got the full idea about 5 ingredient meals in 15 minutes. If you are thinking of maintaining a good life, disease-free life, then start following these tips. Our grandmothers and mothers have always suggested us not to eat such things which contain too many ingredients. The exciting part is that anyone can prepare these recipes. So, you do not have to worry about your other members of the family.

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