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6 rules for adults living with parents


Times have changed, so has the general attitude towards living with parents. There has been a rising trend in millennials moving back to their childhood home and living with their parents. And moving back and living with parents during adulthood can be one-of-a-kind and a life-changing experience. 

However, it is important to make sure that living together should be a smooth-sailing experience for adult children as well as parents. 

What is the list of rules for adults living with parents?

While there is no ultimate rule as to what you should do when you start living with your parents, there are definitely some general guidelines that you can take help from. These 6 guidelines, if followed, can make it hassle-free for both parties to live together harmoniously: 

1) Have a clear discussion about how long you're going to stay

One of the best ways to start with this list of house rules for adults living with parents is to emphasize the importance of discussing the length of the stay. Adults should keep their parents in the know about their length of stay. 

Is the move back home going to be a temporary phase? Or are you somebody who is planning to leave the city life and start living a simple lifestyle back home? When both parties are clear about the length of the stay, it becomes easier to make arrangements on the house accordingly. 

2) Get ready for the lifestyle change

Living at home with parents is certainly not going to be the same as living in an apartment in the city. This means that you have to be ready for the lifestyle change that's headed your way. One of the biggest changes that you'll have to make is to give up on the freedom that you had when living in the city. But it is interesting to see that adults who live with parents are able to make the transition of trimming down their personal freedom. 

3) Help your parents financially

One of the biggest rules for adults living with parents is to offer help in terms of finance. If you are someone who is planning to move to your parent’s house for the long-term, it's highly likely that you are going to work as a freelancer or find a local job. 

Once you have settled and your workflow sets in, it's important to help your parents financially. Whether it's paying for monthly groceries, electricity bills, or house maintenance charges, a bit of financial help from your end goes a long way in easing out the overall expenses for your parents. 

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4) Blend in more with your family

Living with your parents means that you will be in touch with other family members more often than you ever have before. Think of this as one of the lifestyle changes that you'll have to adapt to. 

While the experience of blending in with other family members may not be highly pleasant for you, you will certainly get used to it over time. One important way you can benefit from this as my learning more about your family’s ancestral values and culture. 

5) Make sure to get out regularly

Another important rule for adults living with parents is to get out regularly and have a social life. By socializing with your local friends at bars, pubs, movie theatres, and parks, you can achieve a good balance between life living with parents and your personal social life. 

It's also a good step to take mini trips such as weekend trips in order to break the monotony of living at home with parents. The whole idea is to add a bit of excitement to your new life living with your parents and not make it a boring one. 

6) Share more with your parents

One of the biggest rights when living with parents is to let your parents know about what's going in your life. When you live as a family together with your parents, take it as a once in a lifetime opportunity to bond with your parents more

What are the problems adults living parents facing?  

Moving back home and living with parents aren’t usually most adults’ ‘living with parents problems’. Some adults may face certain problems that are subjective to them, such as the new lifestyle being boring and finding it difficult to bond with family members. However, you can avoid these types of issues if you have entirely made up your mind of moving back home and starting a new life.

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