Auto repair hourly labor rates by state in the USA.


Auto repair and maintenance are essential expenses that every automobile owner makes. However, these expenses can arise at the most unexpected times, creating a big dilemma for any vehicle owner. The auto repair hourly labor rates by state differ for each state resulting in varied repair costs for vehicles in different states throughout the United States of America. 

Most of the time, we do not know how much or less to spend on repairs and maintenance of the vehicle, as our primary goal is to restore it to a good condition. In this article, we are going to share everything you need to know about the prevailing auto repair hourly labor rates by state.

Different factors that affect the auto repair rates:

Before we get into the auto repair hourly labor rates by state, one must understand the factors that affect the hourly rate. Here are the top three components that have a vast influence on this rate: 

Build and Design of the Vehicle:

The build of your vehicle is the first and foremost factor to be considered when deciding the cost of your auto repair. It's more likely that for a custom-built automobile, the auto repair rate per hour will be higher. The auto repair cost estimator will take into consideration the brand and model of your vehicle while calculating its total repair cost.

The nature of the repair:

Similarly, the auto repair hourly labor rates by states will vary for repairs and upgrades. The prices for auto repairs will be lower compared to the hourly labor rates for auto upgrades. The reason being, repairs restore the condition of the automobile whereas, upgrades elevate the performance of your vehicle.

Your relationship with the auto shop:

The next essential criterion in determining the total auto repair cost of your vehicle is your relation with the auto repair or detailing shop. If you have a good and friendly bond with the technicians at the auto shop then, you are more likely to get a discount irrespective of the auto repair hourly labor rates by state.

Law and Regulations of the state:

The last but equally important factor in deciding the auto repair hourly labor rates by the state is the law prevalent in the said state. This is where the provision of minimum hourly wages comes to play. Sometimes the price to be charged per hour is beyond the control of auto shop owners and managers.

We hope that next time you visit an auto shop for any repairs to your automobile, you keep these factors in mind. 

The average labor costs of various state of the USA: 

After going through the several factors that impact the auto repair labor rates per hour, it's time to go over the average rates of different states. 

  • California has the highest average repair costs in the past year, sitting at $147.38 per vehicle. 
  • The second costliest place in the USA for auto repairs is the District of Columbia, with an average cost of $146.83. 
  • Georgia saw a significant rise in the average auto repair costs rising to the third position with a $152.50 labor cost per vehicle.
  • The fourth position on the list of states with the highest auto repair costs per hour goes to New Jersey, with an average of $143.47. 
  • Virginia became the fifth most expensive state for auto repairs. The average labor per vehicle in Virginia stands at $148.50.

Similarly, talking about the least expensive states for car repairs, the states Vermont, Ohio, Wisconsin, Wisconsin, and Iowa grab the top spots:

The average auto labor charges in Vermont lay around $123.68, which makes it the most economical state in the USA. 

Likewise, with the least auto repair labor rates per hour, Ohio, Wisconsin, Wisconsin, and Iowa have average labor rates of $140.61, $141.08, $148.47, and $150.18, respectively.

To Sum it up: 

We hope that after going through this article, you know, the states with the highest and lowest auto repair labor expenses. We have also provided values of the average labor costs of these states for your reference. We are sure that after going through this article, you have a better understanding of the auto repair hourly labor rates by state in the USA. 

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