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Before learning about Couch Tuner’s alternatives, let's understand what it is. Couch Tuner is a free TV show and movie streaming site with a huge database of TV shows and movies. Users can watch their favorite TV shows without registering for free.

Today, you use the internet, and almost everything travels on the internet, so watching TV shows online is a more comfortable way for all of you. Some users ask if Couch Tuner is legal. This question should come to mind for everyone who streams TV shows and movies online for free.

Is Couch Tuner legal?

Streaming copyrighted content without the permission of the copyright owner is illegal. As a result, Couch Tuner is not legal and is a pirated site. Couch Tuner domain names frequently change because they are blocked by your ISP.

Alternatives to Couch tuner

1) Look Movie - Look Movie is a couch tuner alternative on this list. There is a large database of TV shows and movies. This site provides a great experience. Users can watch shows and movies without registering.

Look Movie is not only a great alternative, but also better than Couch Tuner. There are two categories in the header of this website, one for movies and one for TV shows. There is also a huge movie database. You can find all the latest movies released on this site.

2) FlixTor - This is another great couch tuner alternative with its extensive library of TV shows and movies. The exciting thing is that it doesn't show ads, and the interface is completely zero.

FlixTor looks like a premium movie streaming site, but it turns out to be completely free. Users can access all content without registering. Signing up has several benefits, including the ability to create playlists of your favorite shows on TV and movies and share them with friends and family.

3) MoviesJoy - MoviesJoy provides a great interface and user experience. You will don't see any ads on this site. Its home page has the latest collection of movies and TV shows. Here you can filter movies and TV shows as needed. Click a thumbnail of a TV series or movie to see details about the year of release, country, IMDb rating, and duration.

4) StreamLikers - StreamLikers, the next good name for couch tuner alternative, isn't the old name in the free movie streaming industry, but it has a rich library of TV shows and movies.

5) 123moviesHub - Those who don't know 123movies was the world's most illegal free movie streaming websites on the internet. The original 123movies is closed, but there are still many live sites on the internet named after him.

6) MovieNinja - MovieNinja is a site like CouchTuner below, with a rich library of TV series and movies, and thousands of free movie streaming sites, and so on.

It has a cool and attractive interface. You will see several sections and categories on the home page of this website. All content is divided into parts that help users quickly navigate and explore the site.

MovieNinja does not save the file on the server. All content is provided by third parties. You can stream TV shows and movies without registering. Also, the site shows some display ads, but no pop-ups.

7) Locker - You get all the latest TV shows and movies on this website; they update their database daily with newly released ones. The best feature of the website is that users need to create an account to stream videos, but it's good to ream everything, such as the user experience and site interface. 

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