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A Guide to the best sub base for artificial grass Installation


Do you live in an apartment but need that grass to walk upon? Are you looking for the best sub base for artificial grass?

What is Artificial Grass & why is it in high demand?

Whether it is outdoor or indoor, nowadays, you can see the grass landscape in many places. It is nothing else than artificial grass. It is a material made up of synthetic and human-made fibre, which seems like real grass. It is constructed like a carpet and has solid backing. Machines stitch the blades used in it. According to history, it was firstly used in sport fields’ years ago. But, these days, people prefer to install the best sub base for artificial grass to have a good landscape look. It is more common to use the best underlay for artificial grass rather than real grass in many countries. It is also used in some types of sports, these days, such as soccer complexes, and baseball, batting cages, and more. Additionally, people living in many residential and commercial buildings also prefer this type of landscape.

Foundation of the Best Sub Base for Artificial Grass:

artificial grass installation

What is a sub-base?

In artificial grass, the sub base is the area between the turf and artificial grass. No one can ignore the sub-base as it is the most essential part of it. Without a stable sub-base, it may end up with wrinkles and gaps or soft spots may occur in your grass. There are many options to use as the best sub-base for artificial grass. But before installing a user should have proper knowledge of its preparation and laying the turf. Let’s have a look on few surface types-


If you are installing artificial grass on soil, your sub-base should be suitable and stable. It should be aggregate and sharp. Before investing, you should also take care to remove 60mm to 80mm of soil to lay down the sub base. Or, you can also use 30mm to 40mm of Grano dust that requires less excavation of 50mm because it can give you the long-lasting guarantee for sure.


 Before installing artificial grass on the concrete surface makes sure the surface is dry, clean, and smooth. It is considered as the best underlay for artificial grass in the concrete surface. Further verify the level of the surface to have knowledge of its roughness and smooth out any bumps, because many times it has been seen that it may be a reason behind its damage. If your area has a weak drainage system, make few holes in the concrete. One can also install a foam pad below the grass for extra comfort.  


 While installing artificial grass on the roof, make sure that your roof is stable, clean, and dry. Because in the roof, the best underlay for artificial grass is the perfect base as it provides a durable, light, and well drainage surface system. As per the user’s requirement, the base panels can modify and cut quickly, according to the size using a handheld disk. Because boards have the inbuilt voids to make, the rapid drainage eases and clip together in minimum duration.

What should the sub base consist of?

As mentioned above, the sub-base is the layer between the subsoil and artificial grass. Or, you can say it is the Layers under artificial grass. The preparation for permeable Sub base for artificial grass is one of the crucial elements in constructing artificial grass. It generally consists of material, panel dimensions, weight, anti-slip, connectors, load capacity, expansion, slips resistance, vertical drainage, etc. So, the combination of materials and stable construction can withstand the local disaster conditions, like heavy rains, frost, etc. and make it a Permeable sub base for artificial grass. The upper layer of the sub-base could damage the shock pad or the backing of the artificial grass carpet if it includes any sharp objects. There are many types of granular sub base such as – 

  • Crushed miscellaneous base (CMB) that consists of recycled concrete that provides for sand/gravel mixture of 3/4″ to fine sand. 
  • Secondly, the Class II road base, which is an expensive version of CMB due to stringent testing.
  • Decomposed granite is another option that fractures into small pieces of weak rock as well as a mix of gravel, sand, and silt-size particles of clay.

How to level sub base?

As mentioned above, clean it properly and excavate to a depth of 50mm (2 inches) and make sure the area drains suitably. According to the area of your installation area, use the edging system 50mm x 25mm x 3m with stakes. Next, use a 50mm layer of 6mm to dust Granno stone or Grit over the weed barrier. Now, it’s time to uncover your artificial grass and roll on the surface and leave it for 24hours or one day to be fixed properly. It will also allow the artificial grass to adjust in any creases.

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What sand do you put on artificial grass?

Silica sand or sharp sand is the best form of sand to put on artificial grass. It will not encourage weed growth. Silica sand explicitly designed to use on artificial lawns are also available in the market. Another reason it can also hold the grass for the best sub base for artificial grass. It prevents rippling and protects artificial fibre. It can also increase fire resistance and keep your lawn fresh.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

  1. It is an excellent landscaping idea these days, which gives you an awesome look without wasting time and much money.
  2. Whereas natural grass needs 55 gallons of water annually, artificial grass doesn’t require any water to live.
  3. And, no water means no bills. It also saves your money from water bills.
  4. Real grass may die if you will not take proper care, but artificial grass can last twenty years or more than that.
  5. In artificial grass, you no longer have to hire any landscaper to maintain your lawn.

Bottom Line-

We hope that this will help you choose the best sub base for artificial grass. It is really beneficial and effortless to install and maintain. Get your permeable sub base for artificial grass installed right away and enjoy walking on it. Spend your leisure time over there and cherish the moments. 

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