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The best time to visit lower antelope canyon


Among several places and destinations that you would add to your bucket list, Antelope Canyon is one that you wouldn't want to miss out on. If you are exploring Arizona, there is no reason why you shouldn't visit the globally-popular destination. 

Many people generally associate Antelope Canyon with the Upper Antelope Canyon as the slot canyon section is the most popular one. However, it is equally worth visiting the Lower Antelope Canyon as several scenic and picturesque sites await you. 

When to plan for a trip to lower antelope canyon

Just like other attractions in Arizona and in other US states, the Antelope Canyon, including the Lower Antelope Canyon is open for tourists throughout the year. So, the best time to visit Lower Antelope Canyon for you totally depends on how you want your visit to be. 

If being one among several tourists with shared interests to be fascinated by the majestic beauty of the attraction is what excites you, peak season is the best time for you to visit the destination. The entire Antelope Canyon slots received the highest tourist visits from May through September, that is when the peak tourist season is. 

If you plan to visit the Lower Antelope Canyon during the peak tourist season, one of the main factors to consider is to book tickets early. Doing this will help you get reasonable rates for sightseeing, hotels, car rentals, and other amenities. 

On the other hand, if you don't like crowds and want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Lower Antelope Canyon with peace and solitude, off-season is the best time for you to visit the destination. You can plan your visit between October and April. 

Many tourists also have the question of what time to visit Lower Antelope Canyon. The answer is, there is no such specifically recommended time as the Lower Antelope Canyon offers awe-inspiring views during the morning and a splendid charm during the evening. Read our next point to learn more about this. 

Which is the best time of the day to visit lower antelope canyon

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Many tourists, and even locals, prefer and recommend morning as the best time of the day to visit Lower Antelope Canyon. And rightly so, if you want to catch the priceless views of the light beams that the entire Canyon is popular for, morning is the best time of the day. If you are into taking photographs for sharing them on social media or for your personal/work projects, visit the Lower Antelope Canyon by 10 AM in the morning. It is usually till 12 PM that you get to see the beams of lights in the canyon ridges. 

One of the biggest downsides of visiting the Lower Antelope Canyon during the morning is the crowd. During the peak tourist seasons, it can get pretty crowded and pretty hot by the time the clock strikes 12 PM. If you want to avoid tourist crowds and blazing hot sun, afternoon and/or evening is the best time of the day to tour Lower Antelope Canyon.  

Also, if you want to book a tour package but don't want your experience of visiting the destination to get rushed, book a photography tour. This way, you will get plenty of time to soak in the picturesque beauty of the canyons and take the best photography shots possible. 

Where to stay when visiting the Lower Antelope Canyon? 

When it comes to exploring lodging options for your visit to the Lower Antelope Canyon, the options are limited. There are only a limited number of lodges where you can stay with the destination in close proximity. 

Some of the lodging options that you can explore include Hampton Inn & Suites, Clarion Inn, Comfort Inn & Suites, La Quinta Inn & Suites, and Lake Powell Motel Red Rock Motel. 

Things to carry and avoid before visiting the Lower Antelope Canyon

While there are some things that you can carry when visiting the Lower Antelope Canyon, there are many that you can't bring with you. Some of the important things that you should carry include a water bottle, car keys, ice packs, sunscreen, and of course your phone and camera. 

Many tour companies don't allow tourists to bring some specific things with them during the visit. These include backpacks, bags, fanny packs, side purses, hydration bag, and string draw bag. 

What are the other attractions near the Lower Antelope Canyon that are worth the visit? 

The best part about finding a trip to the antelope canyon is that there are plenty of other attractions located nearby that you can visit and add more fun to your overall trip. Some of these attractions include the Grand Canyon National Park, Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, and The Wave.

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