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Buffalo wild wing sauce nutrition: nutrition rating for popular sauces


What is a savoury meal without a perfect sauce? Not much. It’s the sauce that does the magic of elevating the overall taste profile of any given meal and makes it a lip-smacking treat. And when it comes to picking out restaurants that offer some of the best-tasting sauces, Buffalo wild wings is undoubtedly one of the best options.

If you have been to Buffalo wild wings at least once, you probably have a good idea of how good their sauces taste. But apart from the taste, have you actually wondered what is the nutritional profile of the sauces like? 

Here are the Buffalo wild wings sauce nutrition profiles: 

Buffalo Wild Wing Sauce Calorie

You may not be aware of, but a good balance of calories is one of the best highlights of Buffalo wild wings sauce nutrition profiles. Here are the calorie profiles of some of the most popular sauces of the restaurant: 

Hot wing sauce calories: 25 kcal

Wild sauce calories: 25 kcal

Ranch sauce calories: 170 kcal

Mild sauce calories: 50 kcal

Medium sauce calories: 60 kcal

Parmesan garlic sauce calories: 120 kcal

Asian zing sauce calories: 45 kcal

Honey barbeque sauce calories: 35 kcal

Mango habanero sauce calories: 40 kcal

Buffalo wild wings sauce fat

The fat content of Buffalo wild wings sauces isn’t very high. However, the sources do contain a decent amount of fat. And what’s interesting to know is that the fat content in some of the most popular sources of the restaurant is similar to calorie content. 

Here is the fat content of some of the most popular Buffalo wild wings sauces

Hot wing sauce fat: 2.00 g

Wild sauce fat: 2.00 g

Ranch sauce fat: 18.00 g

Mild sauce fat: 5.00 g

Medium sauce fat: 6.00 g

Parmesan garlic sauce fat: 6.00 g

Asian zing sauce fat: 0.00 g

Honey barbeque sauce fat: 0.00 g

Mango habanero sauce fat: 0.00 g

Buffalo wild wings sauce carbs

The carbs content in Buffalo wild wings sauce nutrition profile isn’t very high. However, there are some sources that contain carbs at medium levels. 

Hot wing sauce carbs: 1.00 g

Wild sauce carbs: 2.00 g

Ranch sauce carbs: 1.00 g

Mild sauce carbs: 2.00 g

Medium sauce carbs: 3.00 g

Parmesan garlic sauce carbs: 1.00 g

Asian zing sauce carbs: 11.00 g

Honey barbeque sauce carbs: 9.00 g

Mango habanero sauce carbs: 10.00 g

Buffalo wild wings sauce protein

Routine isn’t the nutrition to look for in sauces. However, some Buffalo wild wings sauces do contain protein in decent amounts. Have a look at the protein chart below: 

Hot wing sauce protein: 0.00 g

Wild sauce protein: 0.00 g

Ranch sauce protein: 0.00 g

Mild sauce protein: 0.00 g

Medium sauce protein: 1.00 g

Parmesan garlic sauce protein: 2.00 g

Asian zing sauce protein: 0.00 g

Honey barbeque sauce protein: 0.00 g

Mango habanero sauce protein: 0.00 g

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