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Can steroids cause infertility in females?


When it comes to women trying to get pregnant, steroids during pregnancy may lead to birth defects. Birth defects gradually happen when the fetus is growing and nearing birth. Apart from that, prolonged usage of steroids can also lead to complications during pregnancy. It may also interrupt the menstrual cycle and overall possibilities of conceiving. Some cases of cervical cancer might also happen, hence leading to a severe impact on the overall ability of the woman to get pregnant and plan for her future. 

Taking steroids during pregnancy can be extremely harmful as already stated, and for eliminating the risk of such problems, it is best if you avoid steroids all together. As a woman, it is best to consult a doctor before deciding on your pregnancy. For a healthy pregnancy and motherhood, a professional consultation is highly recommended. 

Can steroids stop you from getting pregnant?

Steroids are harmful to your body and when it comes to the side effects of steroids during pregnancy, it is dangerous. So, it would always be advisable to stop taking steroids before trying to get pregnant. It is recommended to reach out to your doctor if you are planning to get pregnant and using steroids at the same time. However, it happens to be harmful to proceed with steroids as they are not advised to be taken during pregnancy. 

There might be a greater risk of infertility while taking steroids during pregnancy. Your baby might be at risk if you are not going through the right treatment to quit steroids altogether. As per studies, active treatment before conception and birth may reduce adverse conditions. If you decide to take steroids during your pregnancy they can cross the placenta for reaching the baby and in turn get converted to active chemicals. 

While some researchers have displayed an increase in the risk of palate and cleft lip in babies born to women consuming steroids within the first 3 months of pregnancy, other researchers have not reported such findings. The formation of the palate is usually complete by the twelfth week so there have been no risks of palate or cleft lip after this. 

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Is infertility from steroids permanent?

No, nothing is permanent with such an advanced science and healthcare system in the world. But, it is harmful to continue steroids as the risks of becoming infertile from steroids are pretty high as compared to people not taking them. Is it advisable to reach out to your doctor if you are planning to get pregnant while consuming steroids at the same time. 

Taking steroids and pregnancy do not go hand and hand and it might also lead to infertility at some point in time. Therefore, taking professional help is always recommended when it comes to infertility and the risks associated with it. While taken to promote overall fitness and muscle growth of your body, steroids can also lead to other Side effects apart from infertility and pregnancy issues. Therefore, it is advisable not to take them at all. 

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