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14 Exciting Christmas in July Party Ideas


Do you ever feel like celebrating Christmas more than once a year? Well, we do! The much-appreciated festival Christmas can now be spent more than once a year with Christmas in July party ideas. The concept of Christmas in July party ideas for adults not only exists, but it is really exciting. Wondering what it is? Well, some people like throwing parties throughout July that somehow mimic Christmas celebrations. This is done in order to bring the atmosphere of Christmas to warmer temperatures. 

Those parties may include ice cream, cold food, gifts, Santa Claus, and many more. Generally, Christmas in July party is recognized as 25th July, however, some people also celebrate it on 12th July. If you are looking forward to celebrating Christmas in July, here are the top 10 party ideas for you. 

1. Snowman Cheese Ball

Snowman cheese ball sounds like the perfect party appetizer for celebrating Christmas in July. It is one of the Christmas in July decorating ideas that comes with the holiday-ready twist. As everyone is a fan of cheese balls, adopting this party idea for adults would definitely steal the show. 

Snowman Cheeseball1-BMH
Credit: Food Network Canada

2. Grinch Punch

Grinch Punch is a creamy, fizzy, and sweet recipe that is perfect for celebrating Christmas in July. No matter the time of the year, grinch punch is a must when it comes to Christmas in July decorating ideas. It's time you break out the punch bowl. 

3. Sloppy Joe Sliders

Adorable reindeer sloppy sliders are everyone's favorite when it comes to Christmas mascots. If you are looking forward to Christmas in July party ideas for adults, Joe sliders can be the best party dish due to their amazing portion size. 

4. Melted Snowman

If you are planning to have kids over, celebrate Christmas in July with a twist with the idea of the melted snowman. Not only it is a great fit for hydration in the summertime, but it is also a fun idea for kids to celebrate Christmas in July. 

5. Bottle Cap Snowman

Similar to the melted snowman, a bottle cap snowman can be e one of the best Christmas in July party decorating ideas. It is a simple craft that you present to your guests at the end of the night. Your guests, in turn, can also make them at a crafting station throughout the Christmas party. 

6. Christmas Tree Nails

Of all Christmas in July party ideas, the idea of Christmas tree nails can be cool when it comes to decorating a tree without pulling it from the attic. 

7. Strawberry Santas

If you are looking for Christmas in July party ideas for adults, try considering strawberry Santas. Strawberry Santas happens to be a delicious treat for your guests at the Christmas party and they are super easy to prepare. 

Santa Strawberries 1-BMH
Credit: T1 Everyday Magic

8. Christmas Jello Shots

If you fall under the adult department, shots are a must-try during Christmas in July. It is one of those Christmas in July party ideas that is a must-try for adults in a festive mood. It simply requires having little vodka in the mix. 

9. Frozen Hot Chocolate

You might have tried hot cocoa in your earlier Christmas parties, but, have you ever considered trying frozen hot chocolate as an option for Christmas in July party ideas for adults? Try frozen hot chocolate and savor the delicacy of cocoa at a freezing temperature. If you want, you can also add a pinch of salt to alter the taste. 

10. Watermelon Snowman

Who else dreams of a colorful Christmas party in July? Well, if you ask us, we do! The watermelon snowman is sure to steal the show at your snack table. It is one of the cutest ways to serve fruits to your guests at a Christmas party in July. 

11. Cocktail Umbrella

Forget adding money umbrellas to your cocktails and rather put a combination of summer spin colors on the door. The bright cocktail umbrellas will make the perfect hybrid piece when it comes to Christmas in July party decorating ideas. 

12. Fruit Ice Cubes

Make festive fruit ice cubes with seasonal fruits and add an ecstatic twist to your Christmas party in July. Combine something special to your ice tray and add your favorite cocktails for making a hole some ice cube out of it. Your Christmas in July party ideas would be incomplete without fruit ice cubes on your table. Make them any shape for an added beauty touch. 

13. Margarita Cake

Margarita cakes are people's favorite no matter the season. However, given the summers, people are going to like it in a Grinchy green flavor. It will work as a perfect addition to your holiday party during the summertime. 

14. Christmas Tree Board

Ever considered making a Christmas tree board? It’s time you bring your imagination to reality on Christmas in July. Christmas in July party ideas is incomplete without a Christmas tree board. When it comes to the decoration part, you can decorate it with cheese and fruits to make the whole thing adorable. 

Winding Up

So these were the top 14 ideas for celebrating Christmas in July. Have a blast with your friends and family and at these hacks to your decoration regime by enjoying summertime Christmas. 

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