Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Which Cloud Computing Company is going public soon?


With the rise of dependency on technology, every business or service line needs cloud computing. Cloud computing refers to the concept of lending computer services. It enables the working professionals and service providers to render benefits like servers, networking, software, storage, analytics, and better intelligence. It helps in the better optimization of resources by enhancing flexibility. 

Many IT biggies are making it big through their services and are entering the stock market through their IPOs. Gen Z and millennial investors have a thing for investing, and hence, they are on the constant lookout for IPOs. 

Many potential companies will hit the public market with their impeccable developments and technological maturity. They are as follows:

  • Aryaka, Versa Networks, and Cato Networks - offering cloud security and networking. 
  • Hashicorp and SUSE - offering cloud automation. 
  • Aviatrix - offering cloud networking.
  • Cockroach Labs, Cohesity, Rubrik, Databricks, and Couchbase - offering cloud data. 
  • Exabeam, Lacework, Netskope, and Darktrace - offering cloud security. 

Who owns the Cloud Market?

Innovation is an undeniable part of any business in the present scenario. Its presence in cloud computing and technology today. The pandemic introduced us to some most significant life realities, and technology dependency is one of them. Applications like zoom helped us keep in touch with our loved ones and study. Other apps like Netflix have kept us entertainingly sane at the same time during the lockdown. 

There are many companies like Zoom (ZM) and Snowflake (SNOW) that have hit the headlines for being the newest entries in the stock market and creating a buzz like never before. Interestingly, the IPO success stories are dominated by the startup communities. 

DigitalOcean (NASDAQ:DOCN) is a new entry in the investment market, making big in the cloud computing space. Since then, it entered the stock market in 2021 and has been a prominent investment. The software offers cloud infrastructure similar to established providers like Google Cloud. AWS, and Azure. What works the best for DigitalOcean is that it focuses on catering to the requirements of small businesses and startups. 

Which is the biggest Cloud Company?

Amazon is ruling the world requirements, and the public cloud infrastructure market is not different. Amazon has AWS, which is soaring high in popularity and owns approximately 31% of the share held by cloud services. These stats highlight that IaaS, as a market service segment, has AWS and holds about 50% of revenue. 

The other two market companies are emerging as cloud services providers globally. 

  • According to Gartner, Azure has a 15.5% market share. In 2018, it hit a market growth of 60.9% back in 2018 and attained a market revenue of $5 billion. 
  • Google Cloud had acquired a market share of 4%. It was estimated that Google Cloud had a 60% in 2018 and reportedly had annual revenue of $1.3 billion. 

Who has the largest Cloud Business?

Statista reflects that the well-established companies are on the run for gaining better revenues and market share. The competition is taking exciting turns, with other prominent companies like Alibaba continuing to increase. 

Amazon Web Services manages to stay ahead in the market competition. The fourth quarter of 2021 estimated a 33% market share for the company. It was more than the combined share held by Google and Microsoft. The scope of services and innovation benefits an array of customers, increasing the prospects for companies planning to come up with their IPOs in 2022. 

Conclusion Data storage is one of the only essentials for recording media and retaining data through the help of computers, internet services, and many other devices. These companies help various businesses and other service providers with an ideal use for different purposes

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