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Couchtuner Reviews - Is it worth watching online videos on this?


Couchtuner happens to be a free video streaming online service where you can watch your favourite movies, television shows, and series. Now, what is free movie streaming service? A free service for streaming your favourite shows includes those where you need not pay any fee for subscription. The entire thing can be enjoyed and experienced online for free.

Couchtuner original website does not need you to pay anything to stream their movies and series on the site. Neither are there any subscriptions like observed on other online streaming portals like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

If you want to know what is Couchtuner, you need to know that New couchtuner aims at providing you with the most advanced of all the series and movies when they are released. Furthermore, they are presumably the safest bet concerning those looking for a comfortable portal to stream videos from. Moreover, they are also dedicated to giving unlimited entertainment, whenever and wherever you seek it.

This website, a market for online streaming, took recognition of the point that everyone remains active on the web the maximum of the time. Thus, if you think “What is the new couchtuner”, know that it aims at providing you with your favourite series and movies to your iPhones, computers and iPads. You do not even require to log in to start. Look for a particular show that you may want to watch and start streaming it.

How Can You Use the Original Couchtuner Website?

The Couchtuner website happens to be pretty straightforward to utilise, and we are proceeding to walk you through the method. If you initially land on their site, the primary webpage that you will come across happens to be their home page, which includes the most current television programs. If the program you are looking for happens not to be on their homepage, you can make sure to search through the "Search Old Shows Above", or "Ongoing Tv List Only". Also, the panels that are on the right-hand corner of the screen can help you with this step.

If the result shows you something else and the one you are searching for does not arrive, make sure to type the show's name into a search box and look for the same. There also happens to be a shortcut if you are searching utilising your laptop and desktop. Make sure to press Ctrl + F, and you can find a search box to appear—type the name of your preferred show.

Furthermore, you can use a VPN service also. However, if you find it unsafe, make sure to type the initial letter concerning the movie or series title and check out all the shows from the beginning as they tend to be coming with their titles till you find one to stream.

Once your search comes up to you with the show that you were looking for to watch, make sure to click on it. It, particularly, will navigate you to a different window, as highlighted below. We have chosen American Crime Season 3, Episode 3. Make sure to check it out.  Make sure to take a look at the lower corner of the upper portion of the window within the picture; you can find it. Other than this, the terms "Watch it here" can help. Just click on the show's name.

As soon as you click it, you will be navigated to a webpage with the details of the show. If you find it not to play automatically, make sure to tap on the "Refresh player" tab, and you can find it to reload, taking you back to your window option. Now, make sure to click on the white or red play button that you can find in the centre of the window. After clicking, it can be assumed that your show will start playing as viewed below:

Near the top right corner of the player of the couchtuner website, there happen to be three options: mute ads, share and switch to flash player. You can pick any that looks better to you. In case your video ends, make sure to refresh the webpage and tap to play where it stops. The other alternative, if it nevertheless does not play, the best thing is to clean the browser cache by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + Delete keys.

If you are streaming it through your iPad or iPhone to play videos, you can apply the following applications: VSpot, Vidto, Allmyvideos, Safari or Chrome.

When you have finished watching the program, you can also comment or review the show by joining a discussion panel that will be present below the specific video box. You would, nonetheless, need to log in to Couchtuner using your Facebook, Disqus, Twitter or Google ID to comment.

If you wonder “Is couchtuner safe?”, you need to know that for your sake of security, there happens to be a handful of factors that you can follow to stay safe.

  • Make sure to install any antivirus on your PC to protect your machine from malware
  • Also, make sure to Install an ad blocker, if the antivirus does not already possess one
  • Also,you need to keep in your mind that you should not sign up or give any money for any service when using New Couchtuner.
  • Do not tap on any links or pop-up options that you do not recognise
  • Make sure to not download videos for which you have not spend a penny for, streaming happens to be absolutely free

Difference between couchtuner and couchtuner 2.0 | How Version 2.0 Evolved?

CouchTuner appeared to be evolving with loads of highlights and movies these days. The most enjoyable part concerning the new website is that you can watch everything in New Couchtuner HD. Couch tuner happens to be getting a lot of popularity these days and happens to be at its prime point nowadays. The intelligent thought behind the development of Couch-tuner 2.0 happens to be the demand of people seeing live movies streaming. It is now available in Argentina, Europe, the United States, and numerous other countries.

Who would not love the spontaneity of working without the problem of missing their favourite Latest Movies, regular TV Shows and much more? People fall over each other at the chance to see international matches online. With the new Couchtuner website, you can watch your preferred movies at ease with no more quarrelling over the remote on the television. Each user gets unlimited access when it comes to their guilty pleasures. Furthermore, Couchtuner HD achieved fame among the United States, Europe, which turned out to be the exclusive source of streaming videos for Office Workers.

Is Using Couchtuner A Safe Experience?

Couchtuner comes with a vast collection of content that is procured from various media sites. Those are uploaded to the Couchtuner website to boost traffic. With every link, you are likely to get a large bundle of ads and websites connected to third-party. Furthermore, if you happen to even click on any poster out of utter confusion, it might access an extensive virus within your system. Also, hackers can hack your system. Therefore, to use Couchtuner safely, it is better recommended to install an antivirus.

Popular shows in couchtuner

  • Game of Thrones
  • Rick and Morty 
  • Fear the walking dead
  • The flash
  • American horror story


  • It’s free
  • No login or sign ups
  • No downloads
  • Broad choice of shows


  • Those without ad blocker and antivirus may go through risk of harming their computers.
  • Some users may seem to face problems with the media, although there are many who can stream perfectly with Windows 8.1.
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