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How long can you drive on a bad CV Axle?


If there’s one important component of your vehicle that plays an integral role in delivering the overall performance, it’s the CV axle. For those who are new to this, it’s worth knowing that there are two types of CV axles, one is the tripod-type CV Axle and the other is a ball-type CV Axle. 

It’s common for the CV axle of most vehicles to get damaged over time due to regular wear and tear. But is a damaged and bad CV axle necessarily bad? And how long can you drive on a bad CV axle? Read below to know more. 

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Driving with a bad cv joint? 

Let’s clear the doubts on how long can you drive on a bad CV axle. You must understand that you cannot drive for long. It depends on how bad the axle is, but you are advised to get it fixed as soon as possible. Remember safety always comes first.

You might want to know that is it dangerous to drive with a bad CV joint? It is actually very dangerous to drive with a bad CV joint. The CV joint is exactly what helps you make turns on the road. When you continue to drive with a bad CV Joint, this would easily lead to complete axle failure due to the constant jerks and hammering forces. If the joint breaks, wheels might fail to make turns smoothly or even turn at all. This could easily lead to accidents. 

What happens when a cv axle goes out?

An axle is the spine of a vehicle. The entire weight of the vehicle as everything within it is born by the axle. If an axle goes out, the power from the transmission of the wheel cannot be transferred. So when the axle stops working, the axle does not turn, leading the wheels to not turn as well. 

Further, the proper functioning of the axle lies in the CV joint. So, if you are wondering as to whether or not is it safe to drive with bad CV joints, the answer would be no. A bad CV joint can lead the axle to break leading the wheels to stop turning at all. This too clarifies the earlier question of how long can you drive on a bad cv axle. After the axel wears down, you get very little time after which your wheels will not move.

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What causes cv axles to go bad?

There are several reasons as to what causes or might cause the CV axle to go bad. The axles are strongly built, but the overloading of vehicles can break the CV axle. Secondly, bad potholes or bad carrier bearings can damage the CV axle. CV axles getting damaged after collisions with bad potholes are very common so you must take all the necessary precautions to avoid the axles colliding on bad roads.

In many cases, the protective boot of the CV joint cracks or gets damaged which leads the grease to leak and dirt and moisture to get in. This causes the CV joint to wear down quicker which further leads the axle to break down. To avoid a complete axle failure, it is recommended that you service your vehicle regularly and ensure the smooth functioning of your vehicle.

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