How long does it take to train a puppy


If the time has come to expand your family with a new furry four-legged companion, let us advise you on how to train your puppy so that the coexistence is perfect. Dogs must go under different learning stages in which they learn to control their sphincter. A dog owner always has this question: how long does it take to train a puppy. A puppy is like a little baby; even if you think he must be smart and obey, but he will only want to eat, play, and sleep. So be very patient and never get mad at him if he does not obey you.

For this, here is the information on how long does it take to train a puppy. 

How long to train a puppy?

Often, adopting a dog does not occur in the first months of life. People adopt some dogs in their adulthood as well. However, this does not impede, making the dog learn to relieve themselves in a specific place. 

Below you can get the answer to how long does it take to house train a puppy.

How much time does it take to train a puppy?

Different puppies take different time to learn the thing. But most of them get trained in 4 to 6 months.

  • Biting: Most puppies learn not to bite in 3 to 4 weeks.
  • The Leash: This activity takes a long time, and most of the puppies learn leash in around 5 to 6 weeks.
  • Crate training: 2 to 4 weeks are sufficient for the crate training, but some may take months and extra practice.

How to train a puppy?

Teaching our puppy to relieve himself outside the home is very simple, but we must be patient as it is not something they learn in a week or two.

Below you can read about some tips on How to train a puppy tricks:

How to train a puppy to sleep without crying?

  • The first thing you should do is think about whether your puppy will sleep in the room where you sleep or in another place, such as the living room - dining room, or the kitchen.
  • You must place a bed in the area where the puppy usually spends most of his time; for example, you can put a mattress in your room if he is always going to sleep there and another in the living room, which is where you spend the most time.

How to guide a puppy so that it can stay at home alone?

  • No doubt, puppies are cute. They can also be super caustic if left alone. As they feel abandonment or anxiety, biting whatever they find. That is why it is a must to teach them to stay alone so that when they are adults, they do not destroy our house when we are alone.
  • Leave your dog in a quiet place in the home, where he has a bed and water at his disposal (a lighted area). We will leave home for five minutes and come back, greet him, and spend a while at home with him. As the days go by, we will lengthen the time we spend away from home, from five minutes to ten, and after a few weeks to fifteen, etc. With this, we will be able to work on your patience.

I hope you must have enjoyed while reading this complete Puppy training guide. 

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