How Long to Cook Whole Chicken in Air Fryer: Easy & Effortless Tricks


Honestly, I could never thought of roasting a whole chicken unless I got my air fryer last year. Being an amateur chef I tried my hands on pretty many delicacies several times. Sometimes, I fell in love with my culinary skills, but then there are times when things are messed up altogether even after the best of efforts. Roasting a whole chicken is one of such many adventures, where I have failed miserably a number of times. Today, when I meet people asking me, “how long to cook whole chicken in air fryer”, I feel good that many first timers are choosing air fryers for this recipe. 

Trust me, air fryers can make your roasted chicken super crispy. But, what I like most is its zero or low oil technology. Even a frozen whole chicken in air fryer becomes super succulent instead of being unnecessarily oily. And you are going to drool for it, I bet! 

How to Cook Whole Chicken in Air Fryer

Though cooking time completely depends on the size of chicken, it will be still not less than 50 minutes. The recipe is easy but I have a few tricks to make my chicken super delicious and juicy. There’s high chance of your chicken getting dried up even before you cooked it thoroughly in your air fryer. But, some quick tweaks can help you.

In my 5.7 quart air fryer, I used a 5 pound chicken. You can use a smaller size, but reduce the cooking time accordingly. 

Now, while placing the whole chicken in the air fryer basket, most of us keeps the breast side down with all spicy seasoning on the other side. But, the other day I discovered that keeping the legs up can get it overcooked. Also legs might get stick with the inner lid surface of the basket, thus making it difficult to open the basket.

Here comes the trick. 

What I do is keep the breast side down for first 30 to 40 minutes. And then, turn it upside down or another half an hour, so that both sides get adequately cooked. This helps in keeping the whole chicken moist, juicy and super delicious.

What size air fryer do you need to cook a whole chicken

“What size air fryer do I need” is one of the most common questions I come across online, but honestly, there’s no ideal size. It depends on the kind of recipe you are whipping up. From small to extra-large, air fryer models come in widely varying choices. To help make your choice easier, here’s an easy guide.

For the Solo Kitchen Rookie

If you do not cook for none but yourself and some occasional guests, do not invest in something big. An air fryer of 2 quarts will do for you. Obviously, it’s not enough for roasting a whole chicken (and who will gulp a whole chicken all alone?), but you can roast a few tender pieces to complement with your Brussel’s sprouts. 

For Date-nights at Home 

Home date-nights are super amazing and during this pandemic, almost every weekend are booked for home dates. Being a “chef-by-choice”, every time it becomes my responsibility to whip up something  super delicious. So, last time when my fiancé asked for something delicious, I thought of  roasting chicken wings. And why not when I have a perfect 3 quart air fryer at my home? Even for the busy weeknights, when I usually don’t feel like cooking, this 3 quart air fryer stands great for whipping up quick meals.  

For Family Meals

For meals of more than four members in family, you need to get an air fryer with larger basket. With a large basket you can get the whole chicken roasted in record time. A 6 quart air fryer absolutely ideal for the family of four or more. And you can get the dinner ready in half the time. The best part is with an air fryer you can get the flexibility of cooking meals at your will. Moreover, you can be versatile and creative with yourmeal options too.

For Dinner Parties

If your weekends are mostly about friends and family parties, opt for the ones with extra-large basket size. An oven model air fryer is a perfect choice to whip up party plates and quick appetizers in a record time. Practically, you can feed a crowd in a jiffy. The oven model appliance comes with multiple features and easily makes a great replacement for other appliances including your toaster oven. Cherry on the top, such oven model air fryers easily fit on the counters and add to your kitchen aesthetics. 

The Bottom Line 

Air fryers certainly make a smart choice for a modern and versatile kitchen. And when you can access such zero oil technology to whip up a juicy succulent whole chicken, why would you bet for something else?

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