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How much does insurance go up after an accident Geico


Geico can be expanded as (Government employees Insurance Company), is an American insurance company. Geico has been protecting American nationals for about 84 years. Here, we will discuss some of the important questions raised by customers about car insurance at Geico. 

I have got a car accident. What information should I collect to claim insurance??

Car accidents can happen to anyone, anytime. Hence, car drivers need to be very careful while driving. But if you ever meet with an accident, Geico asks you to do the following: 

What should you do immediately? 

Geico asks you to collect some really important information from the accident spot in order to help your Geico insurance claim check, get your back as soon as possible. 

  • Primarily, check if anyone is injured. 
  • Call 911 immediately to provide primary assistance. 
  • It will be great to move your car from the accident spot if possible but don't go away anywhere. Leaving the accident spot will be foolish. If your car isn't moveable, call for roadside assistance. 
  • Don't admit your fault until your insurer arrives. Neither share any policy details with anyone. 
  • Call the police immediately, they will do the necessary. 
  • Exchange information with the other party/parties. 

Geico car insurance accident covers your expenses completely so that you can have a hasslefree life. Also, they advise you to always keep 

  • A first aid box 
  • Your important documents include ID cards, vehicle registration documents, health insurance, and emergency contacts. 

How much do insurance rates change after an accident ??

How much does your insurance go up after an accident Geico is totally dependent upon the I insurance policy you have, the circumstances that were created after the accident. Generally in Geico, the premium rises between 3 to 22%. 

With the increasing cost of living, an increase in premium prices is an additional headache. Hence we want you prepared with an estimate if you ever meet an accident. Let's explore. 

How much does insurance go up after an accident Geico

Geico states that the premium might rise between 3 and 22%. There are various premium rise lists for various reasons. The rise in your premium rates will not be in effect until other elements are added to your premium. Geico has "accident forgiveness", which actually is a customer-friendly policy and helps control the rise. So, let's understand what is accident forgiveness, 

Accident forgiveness

This is a customer-friendly policy scheme by Geico which helps to control the increasing premium rates after an accident. The accident forgiveness can be earned or it can be included in your policy as an upgrade. You can get accident forgiveness two ways, as mentioned 

  • Free accident forgiveness

If your driving record is clean, Geico provides accident forgiveness as a reward. You will get the reward shining in your profile. Also, they will let you know about it by emailing you. 

  • Upgraded policy, accident forgiveness 

This policy can be added to your premium policy only when you have a clean driving record and all the experiences meet Geico's policy criteria. It is available in almost all states of the US. You can purchase the policy at your renewal time but the policy will go away once you change your vase policy during the next renewal. Hence, here lies your answers to the question, "does Geico raise rates after an accident?"

Here, some facts about "how much will my car insurance go up after an accident Geico? " 

As mentioned above, insurance might rise from 3 to 22% after an accident. Insurance rates change depending on various factors, new and advanced models of cars, the number of car accident records you have. 

Important Note:

  • Accident forgiveness is granted only once based on your driving history. You have to drive 5 years without any accidents and that will make you eligible for accident forgiveness
  • Accident forgiveness is dependent on the policy you have and the States rules and laws. 
  • It is not available in CA, CT, and MA. Also, the purchasable policy is not available in all states. 

When someone hit my parked car will my insurance go up??

If someone hits your parked car, it hits right in your heart! But don't worry, we have some good and some bad news for you. 

If someone hit my parked car will my insurance go up? 

Well, that depends on the policy and the situation. Let's explain. If your car was hit by the other party and s/he admits his responsibility, his insurance will cover your damage. Even if you can prove the other car did the damage, you will be covered by the faulter's insurance, there will be no rise in your insurance premiums. But if you fail to prove and the other person doesn't approve of the act, you might get into trouble. Therefore, we will provide you a few tips to help to take every measure that will help you get covered under the faulter's insurance. 

If you say "my car was hit while parked on the street" there are a few things you need to do, immediately. 

  • Call the police immediately. You have to report the incident and for a complaint. After filing the complaint take a copy of it and keep it for presenting it to your insurance company. It will be needed. 
  • The information on the complaint will contain location, weather updates, possible and visible damages, time of the day. Take pictures of the accident if possible or pictures of the area after the accident. Look for tire marks, debris, etc 
  • Call your insurer. Letting them know about the accident and the details as soon as possible will make your life a little less complicated. The insurer will then guide you. 

I want to claim insurance from GEICO? What Should I do? 

There are a few important things you should do before you claim your insurance. Let's do a few things under this heading. 

File a car insurance claim with Geico- How to?

Accidents are accidents, it can be your fault or others, but recovering from the accident trauma is very much important for claiming your insurance from Geico. There are a few things you have to know and do after you meet an accident in order to claim your insurance. 


Primarily let's clean a very important point. It is very important to claim your insurance after you get into an accident. You are covered with Geico insurance but if you don't cooperate with them, it will become difficult for them to help you get your claims. You might be afraid that your premiums will rise after you get the claim, but it will be an even bigger problem if the other driver sues you. Your insurance company needs you to collect evidence to back you up and help you. 

Procedures for claiming a car insurance

First of all, Geico asks you to write some details of the accident and report the claim at its earliest because with the time you might forget the details of the accident.

  • Report your claim online through a mobile website by Geico. Simply log in and report the type of claim you desire. 

You need a few information that needs to be provided, 

  • The state of the incident 
  • The exact date, time, and day, or approximate information. 
  • A very general description of the accident.
  • While reporting the claim online, Geico will ask you for various information like, although, you can report your claim even if you don't have this information at the moment. 
    • Contact number/information of the other party involved in the accident 
    • The vehicle's location. It is important to know where the other parties vehicle was located 
    • A little information about the property owner
    • The police report details. What details you have provided and what details they have provided


Once you are done claiming, Geico will send you a confirmation email. This email will help you view your claim and also manage it. Soon after you are done, the Geico claims the examination will get in touch with you. He/she will explain to you the next steps to you, confirm the details, and do other necessary steps. Additionally, Geico will send auto damage adjusters who will examine the vehicle. 


Note: If you lodge your complaint around 8 pm, you will receive a call from the claim examiner the next day morning. 

Report your claim using the phone 

You can claim your insurance even reporting the claim and details of the incident using these assistance numbers. 

  • American Modern Insurance Collector Car(866) 760-4166 
  • Assurant Collector Car(866) 344-2527

Report quickly in 5 mins

Use the Geico mobile app and claim your insurance in just 5 minutes. It can be called a mini insurance claim for immediate evidence and delivery of circumstances. 


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