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How to block downloading apps on android


To prevent unwanted and malicious apps on your android, you should know how to block downloading apps. If you have many apps on your android using your storage and the internet, you need to know how to block downloading apps on android. So you can block app installation on android whenever you want. If you have kids in your house, it is necessary to know how to prevent children from downloading Android apps.

If you are looking for how to block apps on androids permanently, then there are several ways.

Step 1: Go to android enterprise, then go to Google plays store, then sync the MDM app repository if you need to do. Then you can share the apps with the device or groups you want.

Step 2: If you don't want to go with android enterprise, directly go to your MDM console, then go to the Device management and click on the left button to create a profile. Then go to android to restrict apps and then switch off users who can install unapproved apps.

Step 3: When somebody tries to install an app, it'll show in the notification that security policy prevents this app's installation.

It is crucial to know how to block downloading apps on android because it doesn't reduce your productivity and compromise men's security. The unwanted apps disturb us, and in the era of the internet, it can take your data.

How to prevent child from downloading apps android

If you have kids, you need to get more conscious because the kids are from the Z generation; their curiosity can trouble them. If you have kids, to prevent the child from downloading apps on android is one easy step. In some android, there is one button for kids. If you switch on the tab, the android will show everything appropriate to a kid.

There are steps to prevent the child from downloading apps on android because you cannot watch them all the time. So there is more technology to block downloading apps on android.

In another way, you can prevent downloading apps on android by Google play store. To permanently block apps on android, go to Google play store. Click on the top left button.

Then go to setting and find parental control. Go to Parental control and switch on. When you try to switch on parental control, it'll ask you for a pin. Provide a Pin that your kid will be unable to guess. In this way, it' II restrict to apps, movies, TV Shows, music, games on android if you want.

If you have a teenaged in your house and block downloading apps on android, then insert the Pin, go-to apps, and games. There are different ratings for age limits. Set an age limit appropriate for your kid. 

If you want to choose teen content for your teen, tap on the teen to show you only relevant content for your teen only. Otherwise, if you kids with different age groups, you can select the "everyone" option. So your android will show the content which is appropriate and relevant for everyone else. Tap on the save button and save your chosen option and continue.

Nowadays, it becomes vital to save our privacy and keep our kids from mature content and content that is not relevant to them. For this, we need to know how to block downloading apps on android.

You can switch on Google play protect on your android and switch off unknown sources installation. In this way, as well, you can take prevent downloading unwanted apps. Kindly do not give all access permission to the apps during installation, as it is unsafe.

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