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Know “how to force a miscarriage at 12 weeks” Easily


No mother unless it's a serious issue wants to abort their child. Sometimes situations make people really weak which can result in an abrupt decision like miscarriage/ abortion. There are various ways that can help you abort the child. Miscarriage is common among women in their first trimester. Doctors prescribe safe miscarriage within 12 weeks of pregnancy. After that, it becomes tough to perform at home with home remedies. Let's learn how to force a miscarriage at 12 weeks. 

Miscarriage at 12 weeks

Miscarriages at 12 weeks are better than miscarriages after the 1st trimester. Before 12 weeks, it can be naturally induced. We have provided some food items that can help you achieve miscarriage at home easily along with signs to help you understand the situation you are in. If at any point you don't feel well, consult with your doctor immediately. 

Signs of miscarriage at 12 weeks

Miscarriages do come silently, they might happen silently but come with few physical as well as emotional signs. 

Miscarriage at 12 weeks signs

the signs include:

  • Vaginal bleeding. It can be mild to heavy depending on your body conditions. 
  • Backache, cramps, abdomen aches, and basically aches all over your body. 
  • Vahmginal discharges, fluids. You might see tissues coming out of your vagina. 
  • When bleeding you will see blood clots along with sometimes even the formed baby coming out through your vagina. 
  • Nausea, headaches, fatigue will be constant. 
  • Emotional distress, depression, anxiety is common. 

Learn, how to force a miscarriage at 12 weeks, easily 

There are various home remedies and ingredients that contribute to the loss of pregnancy. Various goods which can be tasty and healthy for normal women can be used as a remedy or medicine for forced miscarriage. 

Pineapple juice 

Pineapple juice contains two ingredients: vitamin C and Protease. These two ingredients are healthy for a normal woman but not for a pregnant woman. The enzyme is capable of softening the cervix which can lead to miscarriage. 

Vitamin C 

If Vitamin C is taken in huge amounts, it can result in loss of pregnancy. Basically, vitamin C increases the production of estrogen and progesterone in your body which will create a  hormonal imbalance in your body. A hormonal imbalance will lead you to a pregnancy loss. 6000mg per day of vitamin C will be enough you get get a miscarriage


Parsley is quite tasty and we all love it but it is a dangerous element if taken during pregnancy. Parsley basically regulates menstrual cycles and hence, it will do its job while promoting miscarriage. 

Sesame seeds 

Eating soaked sesame seeds in the morning will be good medicine for inducing miscarriages. Soak the sesame seeds overnight and have it in the morning or you can even toast it in the frying pan and have it with honey daily until you see blood which is a sign of miscarriage.


Cinnamon stimulates the uterine wall and hence resulting in a miscarriage. Food cooked with cinnamon will not aid your intention but if taken individually, it will give you your desired result. Cinnamon is also very helpful when taken for period cramps. 


The seeds of pomegranate have a high content of the ingredient that can help in contractions in the vagina walls. It works better when taken in the early days of pregnancy. It will work wonders when taken with other methods mentioned above. 

Green papaya 

Drinking green papaya juice can help you get your desired results because the enzymes of green papaya contain contracting agents that can cause miscarriage. Drink green papaya juice 2 times daily until you experience a miscarriage. 

Intense Workout

Working out during pregnancy is very good but it has its limits. Rigorous workouts can harm your pregnant state and lead you to miscarriage. Putting your body through rigorous exercise can harm the growing baby inside your fetus. That is why doctors recommend light exercise to keep the body healthy but not rigorous exercise. 


Cheese contains miscarriage causing bacteria and that's why it's harmful to consume cheese during pregnancy. 

What are the Causes of miscarriage at 12 weeks? 

Miscarriage is unfortunate and harmful for the mental health of a would-be-mother. But sometimes this unfortunate event happens in our lives and there are several causes for the incident. At most times miscarriages happen due to genetic disorders in a baby and the issues are unrelated to the mother. But there are many incidents when a mother's health becomes the major reason for the miscarriage. 

Cause of miscarriage at 12 weeks are: 

  • Thyroid or diabetic mother 

long term diseases can cause miscarriage in the early or later period of pregnancy. A mother who already has been diagnosed with thyroid, diabetes, kidney issues, lupus, high blood pressure should take extra care and follow the doctor's guidelines strictly in order to stay safe. 

  • Hormonal disturbances 

Hormonal disturbances will create a shortage of huge secretion of progesterone and estrogen in your body which will eventually lead you to a miscarried fetus.

  • Infections 

From mild to heavy infections can cause miscarriage. 

  • Weak Immune system

The weak immune system is unable to prevent miscarriage.

  • Uterine abnormalities

These can be diagnosed by only a medical practitioner. It is not clear what abnormality actually triggers a miscarriage but excessive fibroids and polyps are associated with miscarriage. 

  • Cervical insufficiency 

This is a condition where the cervix of the mother is insufficient to hold the baby because it is weak. The weakness of the cervix causes the baby to fall out resulting in miscarriage. This issue generally happens in the second trimester but it can be one of the probable chances of miscarriage after 12 weeks. The issue can be treated clinically. A method is used by the doctors called "circling". In this process, the cervix is stitched to hold the baby until the delivery date. This process is usually done around 12 weeks of pregnancy. 

Other general reasons for miscarriage are Obesity, smoking, drinking, using drugs, eating spicy foods, caffeine intake, etc. For a 12 weeks pregnant chance of miscarriage is generally not very high or rather you can say the reasons are limited. For example, issues with your cervix, infections, or sudden hormonal disturbances can make you lose your pregnancy. 

12 weeks of pregnant miscarriage rate is high

Most of the miscarriages happen between the 12 weeks of pregnancy and the chances of his carriage drop drastically in the 2nd trimester. Around 50% of women who are pregnant are likely to face a miscarriage within the 12 weeks. After 12 weeks of pregnancy, generally, babies are stillborn. The miscarriage around 12 weeks, might be painful because the ligaments stretch, and mothers can experience heavy to light bleeding with a painful period. It is recommended to visit your doctor immediately if anything of this sort is expedient by you. 

Will I experience a pregnancy loss if I miscarriage at 12 weeks?

Yes, miscarriage is called pregnancy loss. Therefore, the answer is yes, you will lose your pregnancy. The miscarriage rate at 12 weeks is generally higher. Miscarriages happen mostly between the 1st trimester that is 12 weeks. According to surveys and medical reports, there is a 10% chance of miscarriage among women of 35 years of age while 45% of miscarriage in women of above 45 years of age. Pregnancy among aged women is risky because their bodies cannot take the pressure of carrying a bay in their womb. Mostly women of older age experience hormonal disturbances, problems in this cervix, and generally they experience chronic diseases like high/low blood pressure which is the other reason for a miscarriage. 

Women who generally smoke or drink alcohol have higher chances of meeting with a pregnancy loss. Exercising doesn't make you lose a baby, it's a myth but that doesn't mean you can lift heavy instruments or exercise like a beast. Very light exercises, yoga is helpful during pregnancy. It will enable you to stay fit and active. 

If you have miscarriage at 12 weeks what happens? 

When you experience miscarriage, you will experience the following: 

  • The very first thing that you will notice is the breakage of water from your vagina. You will also see tissues flowing out of your vagina which is natural after a miscarriage. Most miscarriages before 8 weeks are painless or mild pain. 
  • A bit after 8 weeks of miscarriages is painful. You will experience pains in your abdomen, cramp, and lower back pain.
  •  Vaginal bleeding is an important sign of miscarriage and therefore if you encounter one, the first thing you will notice is blood. 

Other than the physical evidence, one will surely feel disturbed, sad, depressed, nauseous, fatigued, uterine contractions, etc. One will also notice changes in their breast, it will become tender when touched. Sometimes the bleeding can be very little or mild. Lets clear one important point, if you spot little blood during your first trimester, most women don't have a miscarriage, they carry on with a healthy pregnancy. Therefore, if you spot blood, don't conclude anything, visit your doctor immediately. Coming to the pint again, many women might experience painless periods but most women experience heavy bleeding and cramps. If you suddenly start bleeding heavily, consult your doctor. 

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