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How to search for a seller on amazon


If you are used to marketing on eBay, or with the help of your website through a portal like WooCommerce or Shopify, or possibly you reside in a country where Amazon is yet to originate, it is likely to excuse you for being a little disoriented when you come across words like Amazon Vendor or 3P seller. 

If you are in the way of planning out the Amazon approach tactics, you must know there are kinds of distinctions among Amazon's various seller and achievement standards. That is why we have compiled this prompt and quick guide to multiple ways to make your products marketed on Amazon. Read on to know more about the types of seller account on Amazon.

Types of Seller Account on Amazon

1) 3P Seller: A 3P Seller happens to be one among the different types of sellers on Amazon. It happens to be any trader who registers their commodities for purchase on Amazon. If their goods are marketed, Amazon demands a little share of the sale value as a referral payment for the prerequisite of marketing on their site. Therefore, at its usual level, a 3P seller account happens to be one of the different types of Amazon seller accounts other than Amazon themselves. The latter happens to be listing products when it comes to sale on their site. 

2) FBA: FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) determines that a marketer does not just register their goods on their Amazon seller account for sale. They additionally send their commodities to an Amazon repository (or ‘Fulfilment Centre’) to expect disposal. Once bought, Amazon will pack, pick and send those goods to the consumer. They arrange this concerning another price based on load and selling cost. Therefore, in extension to the referral payment, that seller further needs to pay an FBA charge, finally choosing Amazon as a logistics provider. 

3) FBM: Different types of sellers on Amazon may need to leverage their individual existing logistics base, and hence will go for FBM – Fulfilled By Merchant. If their product happens to be sold, Amazon gives the shipment information to the seller, and he then arranges the transportation of the merchandise to the consumer. The benefit for some companies is - this happens to be cheaper than giving Amazon FBA charges. Still, several Amazon, including Amazon Prime consumers, favour FBA sellers because they feel the service is more secure and return alternatives often more manageable. 

4) 1P Sales – Products Sold By Amazon: While 50% of businesses happen from 3P merchants; the additional 50% come straight from Amazon. Some concerning those incorporate commodities that Amazon manufactures and sources, such as Amazon Basics range and Amazon Echo. Others incorporate goods purchased by Amazon with the help of more conventional wholesale standard arrangements being part of the Amazon Vendor program.

5) Amazon Vendor: It is approximately somewhere within 1P and 3P merchandising. For brands marketing things through types of seller account on Amazon, they will suggest a marketing order for several assemblies of the commodity at a predestined payment (just similar to a traditional wholesale approval) and take charge of registering, and marketing them within the similar e-commerce market. 

How to search for a seller on amazon

If you wonder how to find a seller on amazon marketplace, then this guide will help you. Amazon's comprehensive search engine -- placed at the top corner of every webpage -- happens to be created to narrow down your search utilizing a category of general questions, including brands and merchant names. 


  • It defines the process regarding how to search amazon seller. If your sought merchant happens to be a recommended seller, the business logo will be revealed at the top when you find a seller on amazon by name. 
  • Also, the search results can be tapped to locate the brand's storefront. Contrarily, choose one of the registered merchandises and then tap the name of the seller to know how to find a specific seller on amazon. Within that product's category, you will be redirected to a merchant's page.
  • If you do not have an idea about how to find seller's page on Amazon, Amazon additionally gives an alphabetical listing of sellers within each area, making it feasible to discover specific traders with merely a general idea concerning the merchant's name. It is done so that you longer worry about how to find individual seller account on amazon
  • To know how to search for a seller on Amazon, make sure to navigate to the list, tap on the "Shop by Department" option at the top left corner of the page and choose a category. 

How to Find Best Sellers on Amazon

If the questions “how to find best seller on Amazon”, or “how to find best selling items on Amazon” are bothering you, there are answers to them that can help you. There happen to be around 400 million individual commodities within Amazon’s line up, plus you would not be wrong in assuming that a lot of sorting needs to go through.

  • The Best Seller Rank (BSR): How to find top selling items on Amazon is not that complicated to make out. Let us know how this operates. The Best Sellers Rank determines the Best Sellers of Amazon. It takes numerous constituents into account, such as potential authority in the prospect, authentic product data, intensifying sales, etc. 

Consequently, it’s not enough to get the best deals on Amazon ever. Businesses are flexible as well. Furthermore, this makes sense as of all time, best-selling book, the Bible, would beat Amazon every particular month and each week, it would not leave space when it comes to new launches that are scaling the charts.

  • It is based More On the Orders Placed Than the Units Sold: BSR is likewise sovereign of the quantity of the units. How to find best selling items on Amazon is somewhat based on the orders done. For instance, if you place the order of 100 numbers of N95 masks all at once, that may signify something is of great importance, and when it comes to a single number, Amazon will acknowledge the bulk items as the best buy.


  • Apply Amazon Online Sales and Feedback Tools: Try utilising online means to know how to find best selling items on Amazon, which list amongst the top-selling goods on Amazon. There happen to be a lot of bestseller tools on Amazon that include analytical information and provide you with an insight into the products that are selling best and the goods that are being reviewed most reliable. You can decide to create an Amazon Associates Account in this case. It will empower you to get commissions on the goods that consumers buy after checking your website. You can likewise try creating an Amazon seller account if you desire to market directly through Amazon’s platform.


  • Make use of Amazon Reviews For locating Market Gaps: Marketing natural products online happens to be approximately a $1 trillion business. If you take a glance at marketing digital goods, they are likely to make up a considerable portion concerning that business. Nevertheless, there happen to be unexplored markets yet out there that can be chosen to supply. One concerning the most reliable ways to find top-selling goods on Amazon signifies by interpreting consumer reviews that they have posted online.


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