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This Is The Exact Answer To “How To Sell As An Individual On Amazon" in Details!


Have you been looking for the perfect article that exactly describes your question" how to sell as an individual on Amazon? You are in the right place, my pal! Scroll down and you will learn everything in detail. Starting from the setting up of your account to changing your account type, we have tried to cover every bit. 

How to Set up an Individual Seller Account on Amazon?

Reaching a wide range of customers is like a dream come true for sellers. Therefore, Amazon has always been a great platform. for sellers to reach potential customers. Hence Amazon itself provides a detailed procedure for helping potential members of Amazon sellers family, to set up their accounts easily. Let's check how to sell as an individual on Amazon" in detail? There is a very short as a fun procedure that needs to be followed in order to become an Amazon individual seller.

How to set up an amazon individual seller account?

Follow the steps mentioned below.

The Fun Registration On Seller Account

Primarily, you have to register yourself to amazon's seller forum. To do that, you need your PAN card number, GST number, which will depend on the category you are going to fall on the sellers guild, along with an active bank account number. That's it, your registration is completed. Amazon individual seller account sign up, is this easy. Once you are a registered seller, you will have access to the Seller Central. This is a one-stop solution for all the sellers, which makes their life easy. This is how to set up an individual seller account on Amazon.

Upload Your Unique Products 

After registration, the next step will be listing your products. You can list your products using the seller-central tool, easy-to-use listing, or list your products through the seller app. Product photography is mandatory. An attractive photo of the product will make it more likely to sell away faster. You can even take expert help to do the following steps. 

Let customers get enchanted 

After you are done listing the products, you will be able to let your customers view your unique and amazing products. These potential customers will become your customer when you aff beautiful photos and a proper description of the product and its services. Also, ask your customers to review the products too. 

Deliver their happiness to their doorstep 

The moment a potential customer likes your product and decides to buy it and adds it to their cart, Amazon will notify you via email or the seller central dashboard. You will be given two choices, first, "Fulfilment by Amazon". If you choose this option, Amazon will take care of the packaging, storage, picking, and shipping and customer inquiries too. The second option, if you didn't choose FBA(fulfillment by amazon), you will see another option, Easy Ship. The easy ship will let amazon pick up the products from you and deliver it to the customer. 

If your orders are local and you have access to courier services, you can access that. If you are local to the buyer, the product should reach within 2 business days. If you can do this, you will unlock the prime benefits for select Pin Codes with local shops. 

Receive your fraction of happiness 

You will receive your share of the money minus amazon' ss share in your account. This will take 14 days. Amazon updates payment every 14 days, which will include your payment on delivery orders. Your account details can be viewed from the Seller central Account. Alos, get tips on how to grow your business using amazon. 

Follow these steps carefully, read them and you will know "how to register as an individual seller on Amazon".

What is an Individual Selling Plan on Amazon Seller?

Amazon has opened doors for individual sellers too so that they can have a global reach. This will help small sellers grow and earn out of it. First of all, let's clarify what is the individual selling plan?

This is a plan that suits most of the individual small scale sellers who write to reach out, globally using Amazon. 

As an individual seller, you don't have to pay any amount if your product is not sold. Sell your product, pay your share to Amazon, collect your share from Amazon and that's it. Amazon will send your part of the share to your valued bank account using amazon pay. Amazon Pay will settle your account every 7 days, but it will take at least 5 days to form. the day of settlement to show the amount in your bank account. Below the selling plan is mentioned in details 

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What is the registration charge for the amazon individual seller central account? 

When you have decided to sell your unique product on Amazon, you have to decide whether you will become an individual seller or professional seller. You will be prompted for this question when you try to register with Amazon. You don't have to pay any registration fee to amazon, but when you are fine choosing your seller account, you will see two different types of payment options. For professional seller plans, one has to pay $39.99 per month. Look for the details about the individual seller plan below. 

Amazon individual selling plan fees

Amazon's individual selling plan is one of the most profitable plans of the seller/you are thinking of selling less than 40 items a month. You will have to pay no monthly fee for the individual selling plan. You will have to pay $0.99 as selling plan fees per item. In addition to the selling plan fee, you also need to pay referral fees and variable closing fees. 

How to change from professional to individual seller on Amazon?

For a professional account, you will have to pay $39.99 per month but with the individual account, you have to pay less than $1 without any subscription fee. Though, this depends on the fact that your monthly sale is less than 40 items per month. Hence, if you are able to sell only 30 products on a monthly basis, paying $39.99 is not justified. You should change the professional seller central account to an individual seller central account, immediately. Changing is very easy, follow the steps: 

  • You have to log in to Seller central. 
  • Now, navigate to the Settings Tab and try to find"Account Information". 
  • Choose the Selling Plan Section. 
  • To modify your account click on " Modify Plan". Downgrade and save the changes.

This is how to change from professional to individual sellers on Amazon. 

Changing your plans will be a wise decision if you are not doing well. You can change the plans again when you start getting more than 40 sales per month. However, think before handing your plans, because your sales might rise to above 40 this month! Isn't it? 

Anyways, After changing the plan, enjoy these benefits. 

  • Work with 20+ open categories
  • There might be an additional referral selling
  • Pay only $0.9 per item
  • Work with a single listing 
  • Upgrade when your sale rises, again. 

Amazon is one of the best platforms for sellers to showcase their products in a global platform, therefore, without wasting any more time, sort your amazon seller plan. 


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