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How to tell a potential employer you have another offer


We can all admit that telling your potential employer that you have another offer is one of the most difficult things to do. No one likes doing this but at a certain point in life, you will surely find yourself at this crossroad, because everyone knows that changes are necessary for progress. 

No matter how good your conversing skills are, doing this is often always difficult. Here, you will get all the help you need on how to tell a potential employer you have another offer. 

Read below to understand how to deliver this information in the smoothest way possible.

How to let a company know you have accepted another offer

When applying for jobs, you may, at times, come across a better offer than the one you recently applied for. Most of you are sure to face this challenge and it’s better if you know exactly how to tackle such a situation.

When the need arises, you need to know how to tell a potential employer you have another offer. You should try your best to speak about the positive side of the job offer, all the merits, and all the different ways the company could have potentially helped you to help you achieve the growth you want.

Everyone knows that the basic reason you accept another offer is because of better facilities, better job roles, and better salary. What you need to keep in mind is, that when you go on to convey such a message, you should make it look like a kind and humble request for turning down the offer. 

How to Turn Down an Offer When You’ve Accepted Another

It is very common that people might appear for job interviews at more than one place at a time. You know this because you might have also done this or you know someone who has done this, or currently is in such a situation. This situation is not as difficult as the first situation but is still a matter of concern.

You wouldn’t want to accept one of several offers and not respond at all to the other offers. It is unprofessional as well as unethical to do so. While turning down an offer, remember to be polite, humble, and practical. You can state the reason for turning down the offer. You need to be precise and straightforward. 

How to reject a job offer politely email sample

You can have endless reasons to reject a job offer. The salary might be unconvincing for you, the company might not give you the position you ask for, the company might ask you to relocate or the office might be too far from your residence, etc. No matter the reason to reject a job offer, you must do so in the most polite way you can.

Most of you want to refrain from a face-to-face confrontation about it so writing an email to the company is the best way to inform them that you are declining the job offer. When you write an email to do so, remember that politeness should be your strength. Here is a sample email to reject a job offer politely that is asking you to relocate.

"To whom it may concern (the hiring person),

I was extremely overwhelmed by your job offer and all the benefits you were providing. Everything about your company is great and perfectly suited my profile. But unfortunately for me, I cannot relocate to a different city as you have asked me to.

I have a sick mother at home who needs all the time I can give her, so I would be greatly obliged if you would accept my humble apologies for rejecting this offer."

Thank you,

(Your name)

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