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6 uniquely interesting weapons to know about


Throughout human history, there have been some of the most interesting weapons that have found applications in war, utility, productivity, agriculture, farming, and other areas. What’s more interesting to know is that weapons continue to be developed even today. 

If you are interested in learning about different types of unique and unusual weapons, you have come to the right place. Check out some of the most unusual and unique weapons in real life and ones that have existed throughout human history: 

1. Bat bomb

bat bomb-BMH
Image credit: All Thats Interesting

Almost everyone is aware of the atom bomb that caused massive destruction to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. However, have you heard of the bat bomb that existed in a similar time frame as the atom bomb? 

Unlike the atom bomb, this interesting weapon was more of an experiment, specifically by the United States during the World War II era. The concept behind the bomb was to fill the bomb with bats in which small bombs would be attached. And upon firing the bat bomb, bats would be let out mid-air and remotely exploded to widen the footprint of the explosion and damage. 

2. Khukuri

Image credit: Khukuri

It goes without saying that the Khukuri is one of the most interesting yet weird melee weapons of all time. The weird factor of this weapon lies in its overall design. Unlike most types of melee weapons, the Khukuri has a wide tip. But this very design of having a wide top section makes it one of the most lethal weapons of all time. 

It is said that the Gorkhas, with the help of Khukuris, were able to achieve victory over allied troops during World War I and World War II. What’s more interesting to know is that the Khukuri is still present today. In fact, the Gorkhas see the Khukuri not just as a weapon but also as an everyday utility tool and a sign of strength and luck. 

3. Khopesh 

Image credit: CG Trader

Another interesting yet weird melee weapon is the Khopesh. This weapon is unlike any other in its category, mainly because of its overall design that looks as if it’s not from the earth and has been borrowed straight from science fiction movies. 

Although the Khopesh looks ultra-modern and too unique to be true, it was actually used by ancient Egyptians which, of course, comes as a surprising fact given its superhuman-like design. And due to the unique design of the Khopesh, the ancient Egyptians were able to use it as a bludgeoning as well as a hook tool. 

4. Stink bombs

Countries that engaged in World War II would always be on the lookout for any type of competitive advantage, even if it meant taking unconventional approaches. The approach of breaking away from convention was also used with weapons. And one such approach was the stink bomb, a highly unusual weapon, which was developed by the United States. 

The stink bomb was designed to give off a highly nasty, pungent, poop-like smell. The initial concept was that the US troops would use it on German troops to distract their combat operations. However, the stink bomb didn’t work as expected mainly because the US troops would also end up smelling bad due to the poorly designed mechanism of the bomb.

5. Corner shot CSM assault rifle


If you think that highly advanced military weapons only exist in Science fiction movies and video games, you may need to rethink it. This is because the corner shot CSM assault rifle is one of the most unique weapons in real life. This military assault rifle is designed to robotically bend at a 90° angle and fire bullets just like standard assault rifles.

This bending design of the assault rifle helps military personnel to carry out precise corner shots during critical combat operations without compromising his or her own safety. When robotically bending the assault rifle, the gun operator is able to view the target from a dedicated LCD display. 

6. Pistol conversion kit

kidon beige-BMH
Image credit: Alternative Defense

There is no denying the fact that the pistol has proven to be one of the most effective and efficient short-range and cons of all time, and in modern military/law enforcement operations. And out of several handguns, the Glock is one of the most lethal models as it has a highly accurate aim 

However, Glock has a couple of limitations. But one great option to leverage the lethal level of the pistol is to use a conversion kit. The conversion kit is one of the most unique weapons in real life as it is sort of an extension that transforms the Glock into a full-scale assault rifle. Glock models that have been modified to support auto firing mode benefit the most from the conversion kit as there’s room for an extra mag that can be efficiently and quickly swapped with the current mag. 

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